See the New Clicker 6, Online

Bridges is hosting webinars on the new Clicker 6, presented by Neil Andrews of Crick, on February 27th at 3 pm EST and 28th 12:00 pm EST.

These 1 hour webinars will deliver an overview of Clicker 6.  Clicker 6 was launched in January and was the buzz at ATIA Orlando and BETT London conferences.  We're expecting Clicker 6 to start shipping in the next few weeks.

From incredibly intuitive authoring Wizards, to the new editing tools to quick start word prediction and new access features. Clicker 6 is a powerful K-6 literacy tool.  

There are also low cost upgrading options available for Clicker 6.  Upgrades are available for schools in BC, Ontario and other jurisdictions where large purchases were executed at a provincial level.

Call Bridges to find out how to upgrade to Clicker 6 and school wide licenses too.   

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