EyeLearn complete eye gaze for the Classroom is here.

EyeLearn complete eye gaze for the Classroom is here.

Bridges has launched our EyeLearn Classroom packages, and we’re excited to share the news! Both EyeLearn systems, Rolling Mount and Desk Mount, are now available in our web store. 

EyeLearn Desktop packageEyeLearn Rolling Package

Eye gaze systems have a history of being complex to set up, costly and designed for a specific individual user. EyeLearn changes all of that, giving you everything you need to easily turn a Windows computer into an eye gaze system that’s ready for many users in a designated classroom.

The anatomy of an EyeLearn system – Flexibility, Affordability, Ease of Use

Both of our EyeLearn packages come complete with everything you’ll need to get up and running with eye gaze in your classroom, at an affordable price point. The EyeLearn packages were born from over half a decade of experience with eye gaze technology across the country, and more recent projects in  Toronto area classrooms.

[READ MORE about teachers' experiences with EyeLearn].


Both systems come with a monitor that the eye gaze camera attaches to. The Desk package includes a 17” flatscreen monitor, while the Rolling package features a USB powered monitor. For either option, you can use an existing monitor if you prefer. But the USB monitor for EyeLearn Rolling Package makes the entire set-up wireless. It’s powered by your computer, making it easy to reposition and move around a classroom, even around the school.


There isn’t one. Recognizing that schools have their own Windows computers and often dedicated suppliers, with education software that the eye gaze user may want access to, we’ve created a system that lets you use your existing machines. Cost is kept low for your school and implementation is easier when your IT department is using computers that it already supports. Contact Bridges about best specs and set-up to run the included eye gaze camera and software.

PS. If for whatever reason, you prefer Bridges to supply a computer, contact us and we’ll include that in the quote.




The EyeLearn systems come equipped with the MyGaze eye gaze camera, built with education in mind. This flexible camera attaches via a USB connection and is easily mounted to the included monitor. The camera is easy to calibrate and, with the software's large targets, most students can walk up and use the eye gaze systems right away, even without any calibration. Students can move their head around or avert their gaze away from the screen, and the camera will easily pick up their gaze once they look back at the screen. For students who are more difficult to track because of uncontrolled movements, one functioning eye, corrective lenses or other factors, you can go through the calibration, save it and recall it, when necessary. 

New Camera Image Image for camera and laptop stand v2 



In each package, we include software to get new users started and building skills. Fun activities and games not only practice new skills – gazing, tracking, targeting, dwelling, etc., the analysis software delivers new insights into a students abilities. Heat maps and tracking reported in detail can capture evidence of intentionality, positioning preferences and tracking skills. Additional software, like Look to Learn, Choose IT Maker 3, Clicker and others, can be purchased to compliment Eye Gaze Learning Curve and further build skill through more games and activities.

 looktolearn hi res 2learning curve


Some of the students in our initial trials started using AAC and academic apps while still developing their skills in the software that came with the Eye Learn package. The Grid is a perfect companion, offering a way to use the same eye gaze camera to communicate, write, and engage academically through specially designed interfaces. Even access Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and more.

Grid 3 text communication key board

Communicate easily with text.

Grid 3 Symbol Communication

Or communicate with symbols.

Mounting Arms and Stands

Bridges has sourced 2 mounting systems to best suit your classroom needs. Both systems are set up simply with an Allen (hex) key.  No knobs and screws, you can reposition for every new user with just fingertip control. Swing up, down, tilt sideways or forward, no need to loosen or lock anything. A student can walk up and use eye gaze while standing with their walker, and another student can use the same system lying in a bean bag chair.

Desktop Mount: The flexible articulated arm allows the monitor to be adjusted in any direction while locked to a desk.  Order with edge clamp or with a more permanent drill through connection.



Classroom Package 1

The EyeLearn Desk with clamp is pictured above and below.

Classroom Package 4

EyeLearn Rolling Mount:  The combination of the sturdy rolling base paired with a USB powered monitor makes the rolling mount portable, with no hazardous cords lying on the ground. The system can be moved around the classroom or wheeled between classrooms. The EyeLearn Rolling mount offers maximum mobility and flexibility – eye gaze users don’t have to go to an eye gaze station, the station comes to them.

eye gaze rolling mount used with a student in a bean bag chair

The lockable wheels and heavy base make this a sturdy option.

The rolling mount also comes with a laptop tray for easy access to settings, launching software, and eye gaze usage results without distracting from the student’s eye gaze experience.

eyegaze classroom image

For more information on eye gaze in the classroom and tips on implementation, visit our Eye Gaze for Early Learning resource page. 

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