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Accessible Text Repositories -- Canadian and International 1

Recently, a teacher in BC whose student just received Kurzweil 3000 called and said "Given that many students in BC use Kurzweil 3000, I have two questions:

1) Surely, I don’t have to turn a whole bunch of common Grade 6 novels and textbooks into .kesi files for this specific student?

2) Surely, someone else has already done this work and there is a source for it?"

I answered, “of course you don't,” and “of course there is.” (Bracketed by the phrases “reinventing the wheel” and “don’t call me Shirley...”)
SymWriter in the Cloud!

SymWriter in the Cloud! 0

SymWriter Online Canadian (now named Widgit Online, as of 2016) has been launched. Another familiar piece of AT software has floated up and out to lofty internet heights; symbol supported word processing is in the cloud available through your web browser.

Bedside Messages and Other New Symbolized Communication Tools 0

Bedside Messages is a message card of 26 key phrases for patients supported by Widgit symbols. This is now available as a free pdf download  in 20 different languages including Russian, Arabic, Bengali, and Twi. These were developed in the UK through a partnership of the Patient Provider Network and Central Coast Children’s Foundation and Dr. Bronwyn Hemsley. [slideshow] Print all the languages, put them in a single binder and keep them at every nurse’s station to ease communication in stressful acute situations. The Bedside Messages is just one of several health care symbolized resources Widgit has developed.  Some are free, others can be purchased printed on never-tear paper.  You can see them all at   "Being able to reassure and calm someone in an emergency situation is key to my role as a Community First Responder. To be able to do this, I need to communicate well and with confidence. Therefore, I welcome the Widgit Medical Communication Aids, as they make me more confident that I can bring calm and reassurance in the widest range of situations." A Community First Responder