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NEW! Math, Primary Skills & Reading Activites and Templates for Classroom Suite! 0

Classroom Suite MathTutor Classroom Suite MathTutor consists of pre-authored math instructional activities designed to help students achieve mastery in addition, subtraction and learning money. Classroom Suite ReadingTutor Focused primarily on phonemic awareness, phonics, and vocabulary development, Classroom Suite ReadingTutor covers reading concepts from letter name identification, major letter sounds in the initial, medial, and final positions through all sight words on the Dolch Pre Primer to 2nd grade list and the 100 Highest Frequency Words. Classroom Suite Primary Skills Builders Classroom Suite Primary Skills Builders templates allow educators to create learning and accessible assessment activities addressing content aligned to their curriculum. Activities are appropriate for whole class or small group instruction and can easily be assigned to students to reinforce learning concepts and collect data. Once created, activities work tremendously with interactive white boards! Supports built in for early literacy, yet appropriate for any age group.

New Bridges to Learning Conference Microsite 0

We just launched our Bridges to Learning conference microsite where you can register, see full session descriptions, presenter bio's, travel information etc. for Canada's National Assistive Technology Conference.

ALL Curriculum -- Research Basis 0

The ALL Reading Curriculum, developed by researchers Janice Light and David McNaughton of Penn State University, is Evidence-based reading instruction. It's a unique curriculum designed to teach reading skills to students with a range of disabilities like cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism and developmental apraxia. An evidence-based approach, ALL is specially designed to meet the needs of individuals who require AAC, as well as individuals with complex communication and physical access challenges.ALL Curriculum Binders You can get more information and view sample pages on our product database. You can also find neat information about the research study and see sample videos at the Penn State Universiay AAC Literacy site.  The site also has some interesting pages on literacy strategies for AAC users, additional resources and a dbase of reference material used for their research.