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EyeLearn complete eye gaze for the Classroom is here.

EyeLearn complete eye gaze for the Classroom is here. 0

Bridges has launched our EyeLearn Classroom packages, and we’re excited to share the news! Both EyeLearn systems, Rolling Mount and Desk Mount, are now available in our web store.
Eye Gaze packages trialled in Toronto classrooms

Eye Gaze packages trialled in Toronto classrooms 0

It’s the first day of school for a student in grade 1 who is non-verbal, who has complex cognitive and physical learning needs with an IEP that includes “deaf-blind” in its description.

Where do you begin?

In a trial that started in May 2015, Bridges supplied eye gaze systems in a number of classrooms in Toronto area schools. These were designated special needs classrooms in schools that had increased supports for students with more complex instructional needs.

Bridges LIVE! Coming to a City Near You 0

We’ve just had our first Bridges LIVE! event in Mississauga and it was a great success. The enthusiasm of attendees, the discussions around trends in AT, new eye gaze technology and iPad access options, teaching strategies for students with profound challenges, tools on the cloud… as usual we probably learned as much from our participants as they from us!

Bridges Announces New Low Cost Eye Gaze Systems 0

Bridges, the Canadian source for eye gaze technology, is pleased to announce the arrival of the portable, affordable eye gaze systems, The Key and The Comm.

Both the Key and the Comm are powered by a full Windows 8 tablet and USB connected eye gaze system.

The Key is designed for affordable alternative access while the Comm is an eye controlled face-to-face communication tool.