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Canadian Co:Writer V6 – Shipping! 0

V6 of Co:Writer, Write:Outloud and the whole SOLO literacy suite are now shipping in Canada and its specially designed for Canadians.  Canadian/British spelling but North American pronunciations in the new Acapela 6 speech engine and Canadian Vocabulary built-in. Other features in V.6: [caption id="attachment_147" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Co:Writer in Google Search Box"]Co:Writer in Google Search Box[/caption]
  • Work Almost Anywhere:  Word, Email, Web pages, Google Docs. etc.
  • Train in 30 Tutorial: Train teachers in 30 minutes with the new simple interface.
  • Network ready: There is no network version because Co:Writer is ready for your network out of the box!
  • Speech Anywhere: Highlight text on-screen and Co:Writer will read it back to you. It works in any application including: MS Word, Google Docs, Open Office, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.
  • Word Bank Helpful for students with writer's block, Co:Writer's Word Bank automatically presents a list of topic-specific words whenever a Topic Dictionary is selected. See as a list or our new word cloud view. [caption id="attachment_148" align="alignleft" width="403" caption="Co:Writer and its Word Cloud Feature"]Co:Writer and its Word Cloud Feature[/caption]
  • One simple window is all you see on-screen. It follows you as you type, helping your spelling and grammar.
  • Co:Writer 6 functions identically on Mac and Windows and is now optimized for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Mac OS 10.4 - 10.6
Contact Bridges or your local consultant to see the New Solo Suite face-to-face or via an Internet demo. Watch this space:  there will be another exciting announcement coming on Canadian version of a favourite piece of software.

Kurzweil 3000 and PDF's 0

For some reason there's a lot of misconceptions of Kurzweil 3000 not supporting PDF's. It does it in two ways. Kurzweil V. 11 can open up PDF's directly. You go to open and it will see a PDF in a file folder as a supported file type and open it and OCR it and read it.

Also with any version of Kurzweil 3000 (BW or colour) professional you can read any computer file in any format, from powerpoints to google docs to PDF's and all points between.  That's what the KESI virtual printer was made for.  Open a file in the software in its software; PDF in Adobe Reader.  Then go to print.  In print dialog box select from the drop down list of printers, the KESI virtual printer. 


The file will create a K3000 format and open it in your K3000. Note, Learn Station versions do not have this function and also some board's IT folks chose not to install the virtual printer. Usually because they just don't know what its for, but its included in every professional version.

It's a great tool and avoids a lot of hassle with worksheets in doc format that you want the kid to work on.  Much more efficient than printing and then scanning again. If you would like more detail on virtual print, post your comment or question and I'd be happy to add.

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