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Bedside Messages and Other New Symbolized Communication Tools 0

Bedside Messages is a message card of 26 key phrases for patients supported by Widgit symbols. This is now available as a free pdf download  in 20 different languages including Russian, Arabic, Bengali, and Twi. These were developed in the UK through a partnership of the Patient Provider Network and Central Coast Children’s Foundation and Dr. Bronwyn Hemsley. [slideshow] Print all the languages, put them in a single binder and keep them at every nurse’s station to ease communication in stressful acute situations. The Bedside Messages is just one of several health care symbolized resources Widgit has developed.  Some are free, others can be purchased printed on never-tear paper.  You can see them all at   "Being able to reassure and calm someone in an emergency situation is key to my role as a Community First Responder. To be able to do this, I need to communicate well and with confidence. Therefore, I welcome the Widgit Medical Communication Aids, as they make me more confident that I can bring calm and reassurance in the widest range of situations." A Community First Responder

HelpkidzLearn Subscriptions Now Available to Canadians 0

Bridges is excited to announce that Inclusive’s HelpkidzLearn site is now available to Canadians.  HelpkidzLearn --  -- is a web-based subscription to fun, accessible games and activities designed specifically for young children and those with cognitive challenges. HelpkidzLearn was created by Inclusive and backed by their years of experience with such popular early learning software as the SwitchIT! series, ChooseIT! Maker and SwitchIT! Maker. There’s over 50 stories, creativity tools, games and early learning activities on the site right now, with more being added all the time.  Six more accessible games and activities were added over the summer break. Many are optimized specifically for switch and touch screen accessibility.  But there are also activities that specifically train on targeting with a mouse, trackballs or other mouse alternatives. [slideshow] A school license gets you full access for only $159/year. Parents can access a home subscription for only $16/year.   But you can get started with a free subscription -- play 10 games and activities for free just by registering. HelpkidzLearn also has links to all of Inclusive’s new switch accessible iPad apps, too. Check out HelpkidzLearn and find out why over 500,000 people from over 132 countries have accessed HelpkidzLearn this year alone.

New Ablenet Wireless Pager 0

[caption id="attachment_332" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="New Wireless Pager from Ablenet "] Wireless Pager[/caption]

The AbleNet Pager is a wireless receiver that can be activated by multiple remotes for safety and security of individuals who require assistance.

When paired devices activate the Pager, the wearer is notified with a beep, vibration, and light, identifying which user/group has requested assistance. The Wireless Pagers work from 60 feet away and do not require aiming or pointing to work - even through walls or outside of buildings!

Impulse Switch Price Drop 0

The Impulse Switch is now only $1065.  The manufacturer has cut the price in half for this powerful high tech switch. The impulse allows you to control software and devices with simple voluntary muscular movements.  EMG (Electromy [caption id="attachment_276" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Impulse switch on face and arm"]Impulse switch on face and arm[/caption] ography) sensing electrodes wirelessly transmit EMG signals to the included bluetooth receiver, and the included software processes the activity as a traditional switch “click”.  With a 30-foot wireless range, the Impulse Switch can be worn all the time. Call Bridges to arrange a loan or demo.