Bridges LIVE and Vision Tech Days

Bridges LIVE! and our Vision Tech days are an exciting day of exploring hands-on software, devices, adapted curricula and more. 


Learn what's possible, hear inspiring stories, try the tech and make new connections with professionals in your area.


We customize the sessions to keep the day relevant to the local educational community and of course you'll experience the latest innovations and developments in assistive technology.


Click on one of the dates below, to see what's specifically covered in the session near you and to register.


We've presented our Bridges hands on events in:

  • British Columbia:  Comox, Vancouver, Victoria
  • Alberta:  Calgary, Edmonton
  • Saskatchewan: Yorkton
  • Manitoba:  Winnipeg
  • Ontario:  Durham, Hamilton, Kingston, Kitchener, London, Mississauga, North Bay, Ottawa, Toronto, Windsor
  • Quebec:  Montreal
  • New Brunswick: Moncton
  • Nova Scotia:  Halifax, Truro
  • PEI: Charlottetown 


If you would like a Bridges LIVE! or Vision Tech day in your area, give us a shout!

Quote - "Thanks for a great session. I learned loads of information that I can bring back to students and teachers."

Topics Covered 


Illustrated with real classroom examples, these are some of the themes we explore at a Bridges LIVE! or Vision Tech day.


Eye Gaze in the Classroom 

Low cost eye gaze systems with skill building and learning software: ground breaking technology for the participation and learning of students with profound physical and cognitive needs including CVI, (cognitive visual impairment) and low vision.  Learn how this cutting edge of access is changing learning for our most challenging students.


Latest Sight Substitution and Sight Enhancement Tech

For students who are blind or with low vision we bring the latest and best tech from Canada and around the world, including ultra portable magnification and reading with discreet support perfect for self-conscious teens; breakthrough wearable tech with uniquely empowering functionality; and the latest in powerful portable desktop magnifiers, braille displays, tactile teaching tools, way-finding,  note-takers and more.


Symbol Support

New cloud based technologies that means it’s never been easier to create and share visual schedules, communication boards, social scripts and more.


Math and Literacy Curricula 

Adapted curricula for students with mild to severe disabilities.


AT for Chromebooks and iPads

The latest accessibility option in Chrome and iOS and the tech that connects with them. Including alternative mice and pointing tools; reading machines; distance viewing cameras; switches; OCR reading and more. 


Breakthrough Literacy Supports

Ready for Chromebooks, GAFE, Windows, iPads, the latest tools must have features for reading-to-learn, literacy everywhere, and English language learner supports.


Technologies and resources reviewed:  


We tailor each Bridges LIVE or Vision Tech day to the needs of the local education community with lots of hands-on opportunities. 

We can't cover all the tools and resources below at each event -- there simply isn't enough time. 

Click on one of the specific locations to find out what you'll explore at your local Bridges LIVE! or Vision Tech day.


  • Accessibility in the designated classroom and for students with profound and complex needs.

  • Latest Sight Substitution and Sight Enhancement Tech

  • Everywhere access to literacy accommodations: teachers, students, administrators, para-educators, at home and at school.

  • Universal access to literacy supports: text to speech, word prediction, reading to writing, symbol supported writing.


  • Walk away with a new familiarity with strategies and tools that can make a profound difference for your students.

  • Meet new professionals in your area and broaden your network.

  • Learn through doing with hands-on experiences with the latest tools and curricular material.

  • Experience assistive technologies that address needs for English and French students.


Who Should Attend
  • Assistive technologists and AT support teams
  • Vision Itinerants
  • Special Education Resource Teachers
  • School Orientation and Mobility Specialists
  • Blind and low vision consultants
  • Curriculum Support staff
  • Literacy Intervention specialists
  • Classroom teachers and Educational Assistants
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Exceptionalities and Student Success administrators and planners
  • Occupational Therapists


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


Bridges LIVE! and Vision Tech days are a Bring Your Own Device environment. 


We bring laptops, tablets, and iPads with a mix of operating environments to share: Chrome, iOS, and Windows. 


But if you bring your device, or several devices, you use every day - laptop, tablet, iPad, Chromebook - and you might be able to try out tools and experience how they work in your tech ecosystem.


Tour:  Images and Quotes About Past Events


Information, images, and comments from past events.

If your district or organization would like to host a Bridges LIVE! day, CONTACT US.


What people have said about Bridges LIVE! 

Thanks for a great session. I learned loads of information that I can bring back to students and the teachers.
--Teacher, Algonquin Lakeshore Catholic DSB

This was a very useful day. I learned a lot! I would definitely attend other (Bridges LIVE!) days.
--SEA consultant at BLive Newmarket.

I enjoyed the workshop, it was very informative.
--TDSB Teacher

Great presenters, knowledgeable, made (BLive) friendly and enjoyable.
--TDSB Itinerant Teacher

Very informative and engaging
--, Waterloo Catholic DSB

Bogdan + Iain = great team!
--Halton DSB, Teacher

Loved the speakers, very engaging and charismatic.
--Peel DSB, SEA Support

Lots of great information.
--Hamilton DSB, Educational Assistant

Engaging and interesting.
--Hamilton Catholic DSB, Teacher

Great Presentation
--Bridges LIVE, Newmarket, Teacher,

Thanks for a great day! I learned a great deal.
--Limestone DSB, Teacher




    Bridges LIVE! professional learning experience


    Bridges Vision Tech Day - Bridges Canada


    Bridges LIVE! professional learning experience


    Bridges LIVE! professional learning experience


    Bridges LIVE! professional learning experience


    Bridges LIVE! professional learning experience


    Bridges LIVE! professional learning experience


    Bridges LIVE! professional learning experience


    Bridges LIVE! professional learning experience

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