EyeLearn Rolling Package

Product Description
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Everything you need to turn a Windows computer into a classroom eye gaze system

Flexible enough to quickly adapt to different students with different needs.

A range of ready activities to build access and early learning skills.

Open new insight into student abilities, challenges and potential through assessment tools.

Use with other eye gaze ready software, like Clicker 6, ChooseIt! Maker 3, the Grid, and Look to Learn.
Please note: The camera included in the package has been replaced with the Hiru Eye Tracking Camera.
Exclusively from Bridges.



Product Overview 

Our EyeLearn Systems are ideal for a classroom supporting a wide variety of students with profound and complex learning needs as a result of Rett syndrome, cerebral palsy, ASD and other physical, cognitive and sensory challenges. With its flexible, affordable eye gaze system and desk mount, EyeLearn is ideal for multiple users in class. 

With an innovative USB powered monitor and a tray for your windows laptop, the Rolling Package is easily and safely moved around the classroom or between classrooms.

Add your fully charged laptop and you have a completely mobile, wireless solution.

Packages include software and hardware for learning and teaching with eye gaze.
*Please note that packages exclude laptop/computer


Eye Gaze - Guide for Early Learning


Included with the Rolling Package

The EyeLearn Rolling Package includes: 

  • Hiru Eye Tracking Camera
  • Software: Inclusive Eye Gaze Learning Curve (3 titles- Attention and Looking, Choosing and Learning, Exploring and Playing)
  • Articulated arm for monitor and camera
  • Laptop tray
  • Rolling mount base
  • USB powered, lightweight monitor

Package can be purchased without monitor. Contact Bridges to make sure your monitor will attach to the VESA ready mount. To ensure a set-up with maximum flexibility and support, have ready the weight of your monitor when ordering/quoting.

Laptop Tray

The included laptop tray offers easy access to settings, launching software, and analyzing results without distracting from the eye gaze experience, keeping the laptop secure but close at hand.

USB External Portable Monitor

The high-resolution monitor is powered from laptop through USB cable, making the entire rolling unit potentially wireless (depending on battery life of your laptop. Internet connection is not necessary for running software included in this package)

Articulated Arm

This flexible arm for mounting the monitor with the eye gaze camera offers an extremely wide range of positioning options without having to loosen or lock anything. With just fingertip control, the arm dips down low enough for a student in a wheelchair or a bean bag chair, or swings high up for someone standing or using a walker.

Assemble with the included Allen key (or hex key) in minutes.

The arm is used in both the EyeLearn Rolling Package (pictured below) and EyeLearn Desk Mount (see the EyeLearn Desktop Package).

The EyeLearn tilts up, down, sideways or back, for almost any head position. This easy repositioning is critical for a classroom where there is a wide variety of needs. The arm can accommodate not only a range of mobility from a walk-up user standing, to a prone user in in a reclined chair, but also a variety of head positions. The screen itself can tilt, twist and pitch in virtually all directions so that the camera can be targeted to the student's eyes, rather than the student to the camera, for maximum comfort.

The EyeLearn tilts up, down, sideways or back, for almost any head position


Included Eye Gaze Learning Curve Software

Each EyeLearn Package includes 3 eye gaze titles to get you started in the classroom, right out of the box, Attention and Looking, Choosing and Learning, and Exploring and Playing.  

Designed to take students through a progression of skill building activities that engage and motivate, built-in analytical tools allow staff to monitor students' progress and gain new insights.

The included software comes with analysis tools that give insight into the users performance with eye gaze

One form of analysis is the heat map, that shows where a users gaze was focused

A second analysis tool is the line map, that lets you follow the path of the user's gaze

Powerful, but simple to use analysis and record keeping tools help you to assess initial skills and keep accurate records of progress.


Powerful, but simple to use analysis and record keeping tools help you to assess initial skills and keep accurate records of progress.

Each has 18 activities with lots of opportunities to customize. Add your own pictures and sounds to extend the 18 activities to your specific communication and curriculum needs.

All software titles below can also be purchased separately to be used with existing eye gaze systems.

Attention and Looking Software

A unique package of 18 carefully graded activities designed to assess and teach.

This title builds the early eye gaze skills:

  • Tracking - what are you looking at?
  • Fixating - Are you looking?
  • Locating - Looking around

These fun and meaningful activities can be used with all children on their first steps with eye gaze. They deliver a progression of skills from experiential and cause and effect to targeting, and include customisable activities to cater for specific interests and motivations.

Attention and Looking Software

Choosing and Learning Software

Designed to prepare eye gaze users for further communication and learning activities by developing choice making and access skills.

This title supports growth of choice making skills:

  • Preferred choices
  • Linear choices
  • Multiple choices

Choosing and Learning Software

Exploring and Playing Software

Games and exploring environments that users can play on their own and with friends. Assess and improve targeting and access skills and progress from cause and effect to early choice making.

This title builds on choice making and turn taking skills:

  • Turn taking
  • Exploring
  • Choosing anything

Exploring and Playing Software

Hiru Eye Tracking Camera

The First multi-platform eye tracker in the world. The new hardware features make user experience easier and unique. Hiru includes intelligent consumption mode and on-chip technology for a smarter performance. And the new camera and optics bring better accuracy and more autonomy.

Recommended working distance 35-80 cm
Calibration 0, 1, 5, 9, 16 points
Selection mode Dwell, Blink, Switch
Head box 20 x 18cm at 50 cm
Eye tracking Monocular and binocular
USB connector USB-C
Weight 115 g
Dimensions 259x25x28 mm



Technical Specifications

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64 Bit), Microsoft Windows 8 (32/64 Bit), Microsoft Windows 10 32/64 Bit) *Windows 10 Home or Pro only. 10 S users will need to upgrade to Home or Pro for set up to work. Operating conditions: Temperature 15° - 40° Celsius, max humidity 80%

CPU requirements: Intel CPU required, recommended: ≥ 2.8GHz Intel i3/i5/i7 series

Memory: Minimum 4GB RAM (Recommended 8GB RAM +)

Hard disk: 10GB + HDD Space

Vendor: Bridges

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