Day Programs/Group Homes

Here are our suggestions for products for adults in a supported living environment, whether individuals with cognitive disabilities, Alzheimer’s, the frail elderly or in a rehabilitation hospital setting.

Care givers will find lots of products for home use, too. 

Age neutral, for anyone from twenty to one hundred years old, these technologies, tools and materials support leisure, personal care, therapeutic and instructional activities, including:

  • communication aids,
  • simple environmental control,
  • health and safety 


Deep Pressure Vest - Bridges Canada

Deep Pressure Vest


For Deep Pressure Therapy  Squease is designed for people of all ages, who have difficulties processing sensory information. The lightweight, air-filled vest applies just the right amount of therapeutic pressure when the wearer needs sensory input. The hug-like pressure helps to encourage calming and self-regulation.     Squease’s unique design...


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