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Assessment and teaching system of early vision and cognition behaviours 

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Insight is a groundbreaking intelligent learning and assessment tool that objectively measures early vision and cognition behaviours using eye gaze technology.

Featuring engaging, small step progressive teaching activities, Insight uses eye gaze to assess vision and cognition behaviours of students with even the most complex learning needs:

  • Eye gaze gets to the core of abilities using the most intuitive form of reaction and expression – Insight channels this
  • Insight will work with any eye tracker that emulates mouse cursor movement on the screen 
  • Regardless of calibration quality or the eye gaze device used, Insight can still measure skills and provide assessment results



Why Insight

With some students with complex and profound physical cognitive and communication needs – teachers just don’t know where to begin.

Students with a combination of:


Physical disabilities – lack of motor control that makes it very difficult to accurately or consistently touch a screen or hit a switch.

Communication challenges – a lack of expressive communication so even the most dedicated communication partners can’t accurately determine what the student wants, needs and  what their challenges are.

Sensory impairments – without clear communication, even extremely knowledgeable clinicians can’t be certain what the student can see or hear, and how to improve these sensory experiences.


Combining these issues together, it is very difficult for an education team to know where they can begin. What skills are there that can be built on? Eye gaze is the most direct form of expression and reaction and can offer a whole new way for our most challenging students to connect with their world.

With Insight’s eye-gaze powered, engaging activities and unique analytics, educators and clinicians can capture and build-on reactive and expressive vision and cognition behaviours. 


Insight automatic progress tracking, analytics

Insight is the first ever intelligent learning system to offer objective measurement of the core skills essential for early learning. The result is an unparalleled level of understanding of a student that can reveal previously hidden potentials.

But Insight isn’t just about analysis and understanding. Insight’s simple and engaging computer activities build on each other in incremental steps. So, with Insight, our most challenging students can build skills and make real strides in developing expressive communication.


How Insight is Used

Insight is used typically in a school with students with profound physical or cognitive needs.

Insight is a web-based service that will work with any eyegaze camera that emulates mouse cursor movement on the screen.

Insight eye gaze behaviour tracking

A student will try a variety of activities suggested by the software. Dozens of activities work on different skills and behaviours such as reaction, recognizing images, fixating, anticipation and more. Insight suggests new activities based on the scoring of previously completed activities.

Insight functional vision attention, noticing, fixating, tracking

Insight was built to support Individualized Learning. Students can work on the same core skills, while working at their own pace and to their own strengths. Teachers and students are led through the Intelligent Individualized Learning Cycle. 



For educators, the results will re-frame the skills and abilities of students of all ages, with complex physical, sensory, and learning needs.


Insight Analysis 

Ongoing assessment and analysis delivers objective clear understanding of behaviours.

Track performance in all learning goals to give a snapshot of overall progress.

  • Detailed eye gaze analysis and interpretation of students' behaviours.
  • Provides an invaluable insight into students' strengths and areas of difficulty to help inform all teaching practice. 
  • Insight unique intelligent scoring alogorithms actually filter out calibration and other technology issues to include all learners.
  • Compare individual's performance to that of similar peers across the globe – a world first!


Insight analytics



Build on Progress

Specially designed activities are arranged in a Progressive Road Map based on well-respected special education assessment and teaching techniques plus the latest clinical theories.

Each skill is broken into small incremental steps to ensures success and motivation at each learning stage. Intelligent suggestions across a wide range of learning goals are based on scores, skill progression plus eye gaze data from peer groups. Insight has a wide variety of new and exciting content keeps learners of all ages engaged.


Insight supports Universal Design for Learning



Reporting Apps 
  • FREE iPad, iPhone and Android Reporting App.
  • Transforms your student performance data into simple, engaging, and intuitive progression reports.
  • Real time feedback 


Insight reporting app


Results are generated from Intelligent Analytics, based on real data, that can help educators discover students’ skills and inform instruction. The results also offer a helpful interpretation to guide educators in understanding results and next steps.

Insight App Includes:

  • Insight Activity Session Reports, including:
    • Specific Assessment and Teaching Parameters
    • Precise Performance Scores
    • Detailed Performance Breakdowns
    • Intelligent Recommendations
    • Teacher Notifications
  • Overall Performance Reports for Early Vision and Cognition
  • Historical Performance Reports to monitor progress over time
  • Student Profile Creation and Management
  • Class Management
  • Sharing of Reports via Email



Support and Specifications 




Getting Started with Insight  


Insight In Depth Overview - A New Approach to the Assessment of Children with Complex Needs 


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