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A  high specification portable and mobile communication device and accessible tablet, designed, developed and manufactured by Jabbla.  Running with a full Windows operating system, on a 12" screen the Mobi can run all your favourite learning, productivity, lifestyle and media applications.  Passively cooled, there are no noisy fans.

With switch ports and USB ports, the Mobi 3 can offers switch access, or the addition of any USB device for mouse emulation such as a joystick, head-tracking device or trackball.  Eye Gaze version are also available and details can be found on a separate web page here. 

The Mobi 3 includes the ability to control appliances at home, send text messages and make telephone calls via the internal phone option.

The large 4:3 ratio, 12” display automatically adjusts its brightness for the ambient light level.

Mobi 3 is available with Mind Express 4 installed and also with Grid 3.  Mobi 3 is compatible with eye gaze devices from Alea, Eyetech DS, Tobii & LC.



Touch Screen Choice


Choose between two touch screen versions.   

The capacitive touch screen version uses the same technology in modern smart phones.  The activation is from the touch of a finger and other materials that are conductive.  

A resistive touch screen is activated by pressure.  So any object -- fingernails, stylus, gloved hand, etc.  --  can activate the screen with very slight pressure.


Mobi 3 Comes With


  • Mind Express, RealSpeak or Acapela voices,
  • SymbolStix, Bliss Symbols
  • Carry case,
  • mouse, keyboard,
  • USB memory stick,
  • AC adapter,
  • DaeSSy Mounting Plate,
  • standard 56 Wh Li-ion battery




Technical Specifications


Intel® Pentium quad core N3710, 1,6 GHz - 2,56 GHz burst
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
MEMORY: 240 GByte SSD, 4 GByte Ram
DISPLAY: 12-inch XGA color TFT, LED Backlight, capacitive or resistive touchscreen
DIMENSIONS: W x H x D: 28,5 x 23,4 x 3,7 cm or 11,2 x 9,2 x 1,5 inch
ECU Jabbla IR (optional)
Integrated stereo speakers and microphone
standard with high capacity 84 Wh battery

2 x USB ports,
direct input for switches,
2 programmable switches (rear side)
WiFi + Bluetooth
Weight Resistive display device: 1.76 kg
Weight Capacitive display device add 150g = 1.91 KG


Optional Extras

Grid 3
Eye Gaze
ReHadapt mount plate

Sku: 77M32035
Vendor: Jabbla

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