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About Kurzweil 3000

K3000 is literacy support software with powerful reading, writing, test-taking, and study skills tools that makes curriculum accessible to all students.

It is particularly appropriate for students with learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, those who require reading intervention, students struggling with reading comprehension and English Language Learners(ELL).  It is an ideal literacy instructional tool for any size education community that is putting UDL (Universal Design for Learning) or an RTI (Response to Intervention) in action.

Kurzweil 3000 literacy software is a cost-effective solution for providing support in the classroom, at home and with the web license and firefly-- anywhere, on virtually any platform.

Web License 

With a K3000 Unlimited Web License for your school district everyone - staff, students -- get access to K3000 files through the tool of their choice:  Windows or Mac, school or home computer, firefly through any web browser and the firefly iPad app.

K3000 Unlimited Web License -- Imagine the Possibilities:

  • No individual license management
  • Comes with a cloud-based Universal Library so students and teachers can get access to books anywhere
  • Teach with K3000 to all your students -- ELL’s, adult education learners, RTI programs -- it’s UDL implemented
  • Genuine universal access for all via web browser based firefly: library, friend’s house, internet cafes
  • Roaming profiles follow the user so they can read how they like wherever they put firefly to work
  • Ideal for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives -- Mac, Windows or firefly for tablets and firefly App for iPad 

For all

  • firefly iPad App freefirefly web for access from web 
  • Gobal availability makes it easy for individuals to maintain their customized preferences
  • Accessible tools wherever, whenever needed
  • Web Universal Library ("cloud" storage) allows sharing of differentiated curriculum, wherever, whenever needed

Teachers, Specialists, Curriculum Directors & Superintendents

  • Home access for teachers and/or students for homework and assignment building
  • Assigning and receiving student work so that IEP benchmarks can be easily targeted
  • Track usage at any level: student, teacher, class, school, and district/campus
  • Addresses all tiers of Response to Intervention (RtI) anywhere, anytime
  • Automated scoring of true/false, multiple choice, and matching questions

Building and District IT Administrators

  • Easy universal cross-platform access at home: Mac, Win or browser (firefly)
  • License management occurs via URL-based login, leaving day-to-day administration to others
  • "Cloud-based" Web Universal Library means no server space required for file storage
  • Management system delivers access to license management and usage data

The firefly iPad app is exclusive and free to all Kurzweil 3000 Web License customers. Easy, effective mobile access with the popular, portable device.



New User Interface

Now Available for v. 14 Web License Users!  The new user interface, coming soon to network and standalone versions, is simpler and more intuitive to use for new users, but keeps all the rich functionality that experienced Kurzweil users have grown to expect.  The update includes a new start screen, but the navigation at the top still acts the same. Web license customers receive this upgrade to their Windows k3000 at no cost. As of today, if you have a web license on a Windows  PC, when you run an update on your k3000, you’ll get the new version.  To run an update, just open k3000 from your desktop, select "Options” in the main navigation and click on "Updates.” 

Kurzweil new user interface

If you are able to run the update and decide that you prefer to navigate the old way you can switch back. Just click on "Classic view,” to get to the more familiar interface. And you can also switch at any time to the new interface.


Kurzweil news article in new user interface


Reading Supports 

Encouraging active reading -- an educator can embed bubble note questions right in the text! Use for comprehension, making connections, vocabulary development... the teaching possibilities are endless. And this is just one kind of note. K3000 has footnotes, text notes, stickies and even voice notes, too.


Sticky notes features in Kurzweil


NEW! Image Reader reads locked text, such as images, PDFs and even text in a Flash player!



NEW! Natural, high-quality acapella text-to-speech voices
NEW! Text-to-speech in 18 languages and dialects including French
NEW! EPUB now supported, updates to PDF and additional new file supports
NEW!  Microsoft Speech support—11 new voices 
NEW! Open Dyslexic font
NEW! UPDATED FineReader® OCR—the highest quality available


  • Multiple note formats for pre, during and post-reading questions
  • Open multiple formats ideal for high speed scanners: pdf, tiff, jpg, docx, etc.
  • Optical Character Recognition that works -- recognize scanned text books and work sheets, even with multiple fonts, graphics and highlighted text
  • Easy, multi-level editing of OCR'd text and pronunciation of words
  • Automated high speed OCR'ing tool
  • Highlight key text and extract for note-taking, learning key vocabulary etc.
  • 2 English Dictionary, French, Spanish, German and other duo-language dictionaries, picture dictionary, syllabification and thesaurus 
  • Highest quality voice synthesizers
  • Read the Web with Internet Explorer® 7 and 8
  • Built-in MathPlayer from Design Science, Inc. to read MathML content
  • Language translations "on the fly” with Google Translate™
  • PDF Bookmarks preservation
  • Use sticky notes for instructions, call outs or pre-reading questions.
  • Dictionary and thesaurus support is always just a click away.


Writing Supports

NEW!  10 writing templates
NEW!  Tier 2 academic vocabulary list
NEW!  UPDATED Word prediction
NEW!   UPDATED Fill-in-the-blank—now with color



  • Templates to assist writers with pre-writing organization in both text-based and graphical formats
  • Built in Word processor
  • Word Prediction
  • Word lists
  • Key writing habits, check lists
  • A "Start Writing” button and a newly reorganized Write menu to streamline the beginning of the writing process
  • A "Create” button that converts the outline to a draft

Word prediction is better than ever and word lists are an effective way to incorporate new vocabulary into writing.

Study Skills

NEW! Vocabulary study guides; English and bilingual

  • Six colours for highlighting and extraction; quickly create study notes, vocabulary lists and writing outlines
  • Extract highlights to column-style notes (see below).  A strategy developed at Cornell University proven effective for students who need a clear simple layout to their notes
  • Hyperlink feature that lets you add quick links to web pages and documents
  • Embed voice notes 
  • Footnote, Sticky Note, Text Note, Voice Note, Bubble Note, and Bookmark
  • MP3, DAISY 2 (NEW!), and WAV audio

Turn highlights into an outline right in K3000 with just a click...



...or use the automated "Extract to Vocabulary Study Guide" to build curricular vocabulary with one click...
...or use "Extract to Graphic Organizer" too!


Comprehension and Test-taking AND Test Preparation Support

Test-taking and test making feature including auto fill-in-the blank, circling answers and locking-out features for high-stakes testing.   


NEW! Templates to support active reading, note taking, and chapter summaries
UPDATED! American Heritage® dictionaries—the most up to date


  • Human Voice Pronunciations
  • The multi language Recognition Option
  • Additional Support for Phrases
  • Question and Response Formats
  • Fill-in-the-Blanks for scanned in work sheets
  • Highest level encryption -- lock out features for high stakes testing
  • Record Responses with audio notes

Now K3000 standalone is dual platform, Mac and Windows on the same media -- you no longer have to specify the operating system when you order. 


Vocabulary Building

For academic success students have to constantly add to their vocabulary.  Whether just beginning long answer writing in the primary grades, English Language Learners at Levels 1 or 2 or curricular specific terminology at all stages, Kurzweil has the tools you need. 
Widgit's 40,000 word symbol vocabulary is used for curricular vocabulary support and differentiating confusables.

firefly - K3000 on the iPad and Web

Catch the Buzz! firefly; a Universally accessible web-based literacy solution!



Anytime, anywhere access to digital, text-based content, supplemented by powerful literacy tools that enable individuals with the cognitive ability, but not the literacy skills, to achieve their academic or personal goals.

firefly is the newest member of the Kurzweil Educational Systems product line and was developed based on years of experience producing the award-winning Kurzweil 3000 software. firefly gives you the ability to use many of the great features of Kurzweil 3000 from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Anytime, Anywhere access via the Internet

  • Operates equally well on Windows® and Macintosh® platforms
  • Modern and engaging user interface
  • Constantly improving solution eliminates installation, maintenance, and upgrade hassles
  • Accessible to students with physical limitations
  • Roaming profiles follow the user so they can read how they like wherever they put firefly to work
  • Simple easy-to-use navigation so users get started right away


Key Features 

  • Read text by word, line, sentence or paragraph
  • Customize reading to continuous, word by word or selfpaced and by reading speed
  • Emphasize key text with different coloured highlighters
  • Increase or decrease size of display
  • Look up definitions
  • Translate Text
  • Choose from 4 different high quality voices
  • Cloud storage for digital files
  • Flexible user management system


firefly is free with a Kurzweil 3000 web subscription!

firefly for the iPad


Fully designed and built to work on the iPad, the firefly App makes accessing and reading digital files from your Kurzweil 3000 Universal Library simple and easy! Just download the firefly app from the App Store and use your existing firefly login credentials to access your private and public documents from your Universal Library. firefly for the iPad provides mobile anytime, anywhere access to your files — from the desk at school to your bedroom at home.

The firefly iPad app can be obtained from the App Store by searching the education category using the keywords "firefly Kurzweil 3000."

  • Mobile access to instructional materials
  • Free to Kurzweil 3000 customers, the iPad app is simple to install and use
  • Modern and engaging user interface
  • Accessible to many students with physical limitation



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