A range of software and tools covering all facets of learning; literacy, math, life skills, curricula, ESL/ELL, & symbols.


Literacy Tools and Assessment 


Kurzweil 3000, reading support, Bridges Canada Assistive Technology

Kurzweil 30000 v15


For instructing students with more complex needs. Create symbol supported documents in minutes, save in the cloud, and share electronically with colleagues, students, or family. 

Widgit Online. Symbol document creation tool, Bridges Canada Assistive Technology

Widgit Online 


For assessing students' needs for reading supports, and which kinds work best. uPAR is the smarter, faster, data-driven way to assess students for reading accommodation 

uPAR, reading accommodation assessment tool, Bridges Canada Assistive Technology

uPAR Online


 Math Including Time and Money 

ESL, English Language Learners 

Special Needs Curricula



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