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Equals School Package includes:

  • 3 Complete Equals Canadian 3rd Edition Curriculum Kits 
  • Teacher Training: Complete Equals Web Training Series;  4 sessions of 90 minutes each (see below for details).


    Complete math instruction for special education

    Equals is an age-neutral, multi-sensory special education math curriculum that connects functional math to abstract ideas. By basing each lesson in real-life themes of homes, community, and/or school, students using Equals have shown significant gains while building essential life skills. It comes complete with manipulatives, adapted tools, vocab cards, worksheets and other materials making it ideal for a contained classroom or resource room.

    • Equals is Canadianized including currency, metric units, cultural references and images, etc.
    • Equals is an appropriate choice for students with cognitive disabilities, autism, and for English Language Learners (ELL).
    • The program includes a content kit, a manipulative kit, and access to a Members Only Portal.

    Learn more about how the new Equals 3 delivers a quality math program to students with mild to severe physical, cognitive and sensory challenges. Watch our Equals on-demand webinar to learn more about the math curriculum kit.


    Equals Math outcomes

    • 4-year study: 161% increase in math skills (View study)
    • Students observed using math language appropriately in class, outside of classroom, and at home
    • Students observed completing a math task, stopping to check and think, and correcting their answer
    • Lessons created with built-in and ongoing support for teachers for implementation and addressing unique student needs

    Included in the Equals 3.0 Math Curriculum Kit 
    • Online Equals Technology Centre for group instruction
    • Manipulative kit with over 500 pieces and more than 35 different types of manipulatives
    • Printed Resources:
      • Main Equals overview book
      • 1,335 action word, math vocabulary and content cards
      • 53 student workmats
      • 10 teacher lesson guides with 400+ lessons
      • 24 skill and theme posters
      • Complete assessment system
      • Math Action Dictionary (integrating assistive technologies and differentiated instruction as needed)


        Equals manipulative kit shipping in two boxes.

        • Demo Thermometer
        • Junior Math Line
        • Plastic Ten Frames
        • Flying Discs
        • Wiki Stix
        • Rulers
        • Jumbo Number Stamps
        • Sorting Circles
        • Demo Clock
        • Sorting Bowls
        • Containers of Cookie Shapes
        • Softballs
        • Ocean counters
        • Magnetic Numbers
        • Jumbo Foam Tiles
        • Pocket Chart
        • Counting Tray
        • Math Line 31
        • All-Turn-It Spinner
        • Pan Balance Scale
        • Step-by-Step
        • Building Blocks
        • Fraction Stax
        • Dial Scale
        • Student Thermometers
        • Butterfly Counters
        • Insect Counters
        • Unifix Cubes Stairs
        • Protractors with Arm
        • Circle Protractor
        • Plastic Mirrors
        • Pattern Blocks and Circle Counters in Bag
        • Ang Legs
        • Unifix Cubes
        • Attribute Blocks in Bag
        • Turtle and frog counters 


        Online resources

        EqualsTech interactive materials for whole class instruction on SmartBoard or any other Interactive Whiteboard or projection system.

        Members Only area with invaluable tools for educators online:

        • All materials in the Equals kit as reproducibles in PDF format. You can easily re-print any of the printed materials that are damaged or lost.
        • Additional digital only materials: Action Dictionary with ideas for ensuring active participation of ALL students, Leveled Worksheets, Lesson picture symbols, Gameboards, Students tools and more!



        This series of four live, 90-min webinars will support teachers who are new to using Equals Math. Delivered in bit-sized chunks, this series ensures educators have time to reflect upon their learning and apply their new skills before moving to the next topic. Sessions are interactive, allowing for discussion and hands-on exploration and practice with the materials. This learning series is divided into four modules:

        1. Overview and Organization

        • We review the research behind Equals, explore the four components and provide ideas for effective organization of materials.

        2. Prepare and Teach a Lesson

        • We review the process for locating, gathering, printing, and organizing the materials necessary for teaching an Equals lesson and then walk through a sample lesson in detail.

        3. Equals Assessment

        • We explore the Equals Assessment materials, understand the differentiation provided within the assessment and learn about administering and scoring an assessment.

        4. Use Equals Technology Lesson Centre to Support Instruction and Student Practice

        • We examine the Equals Technology Lesson Centre and consider how it can be used during instruction for specific parts of the lesson and how students may utilize the tools during the practice and application of skills.

        The series is for up to 12 participants.


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