MeVille to WeVille

MeVille to WeVille

MEville to WEville is the first researched-based literacy curriculum developed specifically for students with disabilities in the moderate to severe range. Designed to build a classroom community that promotes a sense of belonging, each unit offers students a new and different perspective on themselves, their families, and their school. 

The MeVille to WeVille curriculum is available in two varieties, one version from Don Johnston, and the other version from Ablenet. 

Bridges Recommends

Ablenet's kit comes with more technology, including the QuickTalker 7 Speech Generating Device and the Bookworm Literacy Tool. This kit is great for starting up a new classroom, equipping you with the tech resources you need to get started. 

Don Johnston's kit comes with more teaching resources, including the complete Start-to-Finish library and more curricular lessons. This kit is a better fit for an established classroom, giving you more teaching tools, lessons, and strategies to implement the MeVille to WeVille curriculum. 


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