Patient Communication Sheets by Widgit Health (10 sheet pack)

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There are many patients who struggle to communicate in hospital, from those who already have a pre-existing communication challenge to those who have developed one as a result of treatment, illness, or injury.

Every bedside in every hospital, clinic, school or care home needs a Patient Communication Sheet. With the symbols on this two-sided sheet, almost anyone can quickly and efficiently communicate needs, wants, level of pain and other key information simply by pointing.


Product Overview

This sheet is designed with symbols so that patients of all languages and reading abilities can communicate without the spoken word. The sheet features all the major requests (food, drink, television, medication etc.) and replies along with a pain scale and body diagram.

How often do these situations arise in a hospital?

  • An elderly individual who has relied on translation provided by family members or functioning in his/her language community now has to spend several days in hospital. A family member can come to the bedside during the day but what happens at night?
  • An accident or stroke renders that requires a hospital stay renders someone temporarily non-verbal. 
  • An individual on the autism spectrum or with cognitive challenge who is non-verbal has to come to hospital and stay overnight for tests.

Increased communication means reduced anxiety and frustration of patients, caregivers, medical staff and family members.

Printed on durable plastic paper the Patient Communication sheet is waterproof and tear proof and can be disinfected with alcohol, hand-sanitizer and even safely run through a dishwasher.

The Patient Communication Sheet is backed by years of experience in a variety of hospital and long term care settings.

The Patient Communication Sheet is ideal for:

  • Long term care and rehab facilities
  • Elder and Nursing Care homes
  • Hospital bedsides

Sheet Contents: 

Side 1

  • Body diagram
  • Pain types
  • Frequency
  • Pain scale and responses

Side 2

  • Time
  • Symptoms
  • Requests
  • Pain scale and responses

The sheet is available in bundles of 10 or as a license for private label printing at your site.

Vendor: Widgit

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