Laser Pointer (Handheld)

Product Description
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A laser pointer can allow a person without speech and with very limited physical movement to directly point to letters, words and phrases on a communication board. Laser pointers are simple and easy to use, but they can provide an EXTREMELY fast and efficient way to communicate. Even some people with extremely limited hand movement may be able to use a hand held laser. 
Easy and Simple to Use • uses 2 AA batteries, housed in an external battery box • Safe: uses a Class 2 laser module (the lowest powered visible laser available). Most conventional presentation lasers are Class IIIa, and can be roughly 5 times more powerful than a Class II laser. • 
Comfortable Grip: 
The laser is attached to an adjustable universal cuff. Cylindrical foam offers a padded palm area that naturally fits the arches of the hand. Cuff secures to the hand using a D-ring hook and loop strap. One size fits all. Latex-free.
Some people may not have the strength, or range of motion to move their hand across a small communication board. However, they may still be to point using a hand held or hand mounted laser pointer. The following categories of people might benefit from a handheld laser: • People with limited hand function • People with significant neck weakness. If a person with a weak neck uses a hand held laser pointer, and a larger size communication board, they can sit or recline in a comfortable position, and not have to look down at a board in order to communicate. • People who use the laser pointer as an indicator, pointing to objects. • Some people with visual issues Let's say a person wants to use a core vocabulary communication board (such as AlphaCore), but has visual issues, and difficulty reading the font. One approach would be to use a small communication board with less "targets" (for example, a communication board with just the letters of the alphabet on it.) Another approach would be to use an enlarged version of AlphaCore, along with a handheld laser pointer. 
(Using a core vocabulary system can be MUCH faster than spelling out everything letter by letter).

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