Laser Pointer (Eye-Glass Mounted)

Product Description
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A head mounted laser pointer can be an extremely powerful tool for a person with a speech and movement disability. Lasers can enable a person with limited movement to directly point to letters, words and phrases on a communication board. Laser pointers are simple and easy to use, but they can provide an EXTREMELY fast and efficient way to communicate. Even some people with extremely limited head movement may be able to use a head mounted laser. Adjustable Arm: The laser is mounted onto a tiny adjustable arm for up, down, left and right adjustment. This is important, because a person may be communicating in several different positions thoughout the course of the day. With a conventional laser pointer, when a user is tilted back in their chair, the laser beam would point at the ceiling. With our laser pointer you can adjust it without physically adjusting the user's position. Using an adjustable mount also means that the communication partner does not need to change the position of the board every time the laser user reclines or tilts back in their chair. 
Lightweight & Comfortable: The laser module and arm have a combined weight of less than 1/4 of an ounce (7.1 g) . This is important, because putting too much weight on a person's glasses can cause eyeglasses to be uncomfortable, and may lead to skin breakdown on the nose. Easy to Mount: The laser easily mounts onto most eyeglasses. If an individual doesn't wear glasses, the laser can be mounted onto a pair of inexpensive sunglasses, with the lenses popped out. The laser can also be clipped to a barrette, or the brim of a baseball cap. 
Easy and Simple to Use • uses 2 AA batteries, housed in an external battery box • 
Safe: uses a Class 2 laser module (the lowest powered visible laser available). Most conventional presentation lasers are Class IIIa, and can be roughly 5 times more powerful than a Class II laser. 

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