Professional Learning Packages

Professional Learning Packages

Bridges takes deep research based knowledge of good teaching, applies it to technology, and delivers professional learning that is engaging, relevant and doable in your classrooms.

Our professional learning packages build on research that supports multiple learning opportunities delivered in a variety of ways to meet the needs of different learning styles. 

Choose between Blended Learning and Remote Learning packages.

Both packages include:

Targeted webinars to expand on foundation skills


Online self-directed learning through educATe, Bridges' online learning portal, to reinforce knowledge and skills.

Select a training package or contact us to discuss a customized offering to suit your needs.

Blended Learning 

Based on a blended model of learning, this option delivers multiple learning opportunities in a variety of modes for different learning styles:

1 introductory face to face, hands-on workshop
Choice of 2 webinars
1 year subscription to our exclusive online self-directed learning service, educATe

Online directed learning through our exclusive website, educATe, is designed to both reinforce knowledge and skills introduced in the face to face workshop and/or webinars and to expand on this foundation. 

Fee: $2,000 (flat rate)

Conditions: Maximum of 20 participants. Travel/ accommodation expenses are extra if necessary.

Remote Learning

Sometimes face-to-face training is just not practicable.

We’ve been delivering e-learning to remote locations across Canada for close to a decade, pioneering online AT training. Bridges’ Remote Learning option makes the most of online tools to deliver an effective e-learning experience.

5 X 1 hour webinars, delivered over a 10 week period

A mix of set themes for initial webinars. Topics for final webinars can be selected to specific preference

1 year subscription to our exclusive online self-directed learning service, educATe.

Fee: $200/person

Have a group of 50 participants or more? Contact Bridges for pricing. 

Face to Face Training 

Face to Face Training

The face-to-face workshop is structured but has room for practice and adaptation to your team’s needs.

Following a model of gradual release, we build confidence, balancing modelling, guided practice and individual attention.

Our instructors make sure that each participant, after their session, has something to implement with the technology as soon as they are back in their classrooms.

We follow-up each session with surveys to improve our content as well as subsequent coaching.

We also make available any handouts, materials, websites, presentations, etc. through electronic download after the training.

On Demand Reinforcement 

On Demand Reinforcement

Often, it is when you are back in the classroom and are trying to put the technology to action that you forget some critical piece. Or you want to have a quick guide to refer to so you can feel confident in putting new learning into action.

Every participant receives free access to our exclusive web based support service. educATe. Bridges educATe has quick reference guides, print tutorials and videos that are there when you need them most.

You can learn step-by-step, building knowledge sequentially with quizzes to test you learning, or just explore and jump from topic to topic. View a video, follow a print tutorial or explore using one of our desk reference posters.

In addition, our instructors always make themselves available for follow-up support and share their direct contact information. And as a Bridges Professional Learning customer, you get priority access to our 1-800 technology support line.

 We offer quizzes, PDF resources, and video tutorials as part of on demand reinforcement

Various types of resources available in educATe - PDFs, quizzes, and videos

Focused Webinars 

Focused webinars

Each package includes two webinars of your choice. Choose a webinar for a specialized topic you want to explore further from our prepared list or customize your webinar for your needs.

Webinars are interactive and are focused to build on the core learning from your face to face training and practice.You can chose from specific applications of the tool for different student populations or learning goals and specific curriculum areas.The webinars go beyond the basics, delving deeper in applying key functions.

Bridges also archives all webinars. They remain accessible for the entire school year to all registered course participants.

Uniquely Qualified Instructors 

Quote - "The instructor was knowledgeable and a great teacher. I am using the (technology) because she made me comfortable with its use."

The Bridges team is recognized as experts in assistive and educational technology both nationally and internationally. All Bridges instructors have undergone intensive professional development with Bridges in addition to their professional experience/background, in the areas of:

  • Universal Design for Learning 
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Augmentative Communication 
  • Alternate Access 
  • Adult Learning Styles
  • Specific technologies (Kurzweil 3000, SMART Technologies, Word Q etc.)
  • Google Apps for Education
  • MS Office in education
  • iPads for special education
  • Instructional Practice using AT

Bridges instructors have: 

  • Thousands of hours of direct teaching experience.
  • Partnered with technology developers on product development (Equals, Communicate: SymWriter, Widgit Online and Classroom Suite, IntelliKeys, and Boardmaker among others).
  • Led initiatives such as Smart Inclusion and Environmental Communication Teaching
  • Annually attended manufacturer professional development at international conferences such as CSUN (California State University at North Ridge), Closing the Gap or ATIA (Assistive Technology Industry Association) or with the manufacturers themselves at their dealer meetings and training institutes.
  • Presented locally, nationally and internationally including:

Closing the Gap, Minneapolis
Assistive Technology Industry Association Conference, Orlando
Council for Exception Children, Ontario and Manitoba
California State University National AT Conference, Los Angeles and San Diago
ISAAC, Barcelona, Spain
Alberta Teachers Conference
Virtual School Society Conference B.C.
TechItUp B.C.
Manitoba Teachers Conferences
…and more.

The Bridges team has had the opportunity to partner and train with some of the top experts in the field, including:

  • Dr. Karen Erickson; Director of the Centre for Literacy and Disabilities Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, renowned expert in literacy learning in children and adults with significant disabilities.
  • Dr. David Koppenhaver; Professor in the Department of Reading Education and Special Education at Appalachian State University, renowned expert in literacy learning in children and adults with significant disabilities.
  • Kelly Fonner; expert AT professional, Environmental Communication Teaching trainer.


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