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Each student learn a bit differently. Their reading needs are as unique to them as their fingerprints. Enter Snap&Read, the Next-Generation reading tool for Google Chrome, iPad and more, that can cover the most diverse reading needs.
Whether it's translation, read-aloud accessible and inaccessible test, or dynamic leveling of words to match the current understanding of the reader, Snap&Read presents information the way people most want to take it in - the way they learn best.  


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Note on subscription options available:

22P75SEAT3Y - price is the total for a 3 year access to Snap&Read Universal for a single user.

22P75SEAT1Y_20TO99 - price is on a per seat per year basis; please make sure you order a minimum quantity of 5 to qualify for this price

22P75SEAT1Y_100PLUS price is on a per seat per year basis; please make sure you order a minimum quantity of 100 

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Snap&Read is your Next-Generation reading tool for Google Chrome, covering the most diverse reading needs!


The Tools: 

  • NEW! iPad App: Read text aloud, dynamically level it, OCR it, highlight it, outline it, and cite it - all from your iPad! 
  • Text-to-Speech: Have your text read aloud for better comprehension.
  • Screenshot Reader: Come across text that is inaccessible? No worries, Snap&Read Universal will take care of it. 
  • Simplify: Difficult words getting in your way? A click and Snap&Read Universal will simplify them.
  • Translate: English not your primary language? Have it translated when you need it.
  • Capture in an Outline: Capture what you read to use later. Sort it in an outline so it makes sense. Sources are automatically cited when added to the outline. 
  • NEW! Outline Templates: Guide reading by adding a template to your outline. Over 60 templates are included
  • PDF & Inaccessible Text Support: Read the web and use all these tools in PDFs too. Even read text in images with Snap&Read's OCR tool. 
  • Bibliographer: Highlight to extract text from websites to an outline, and the source is automatically cited. For other citations, Snap&Read provides a template that students use to document their sources. The bibliography is built as the student collects their information

Only Snap&Read:

  • Reads PDF and Bookshare books in the Chrome browser
  • Reads inaccessible text (Flash, images, and PDFs) on Google Chrome without a complex conversion process
  • Dynamically Levels complex passages by adjusting needlessly difficult vocabulary (without changing the meaning/rigor)
  • Translates text into over 100 languages - specific levelled vocabulary or entire passages
  • Embeds supports right in the original text - context and curricular vocabulary are preserved. So complex academic vocabulary can be learned.
  • Builds study skills by structuring information in a flexible outline.
  • Cites resources to help students track sources and build bibliographies 
  • Works offline - if your school is like most and has internet outages or speed issues, you need this!
  • Gives Smart Data - See how much your students are reading and the level of text they're reading.



iPad App 

In addition to Snap&Read Universal for Google Chrome, an app is now available for iPad!

Read text aloud, dynamically level it, OCR it, highlight it, outline it, and cite it!

Also, students can take a picture of a worksheet and Snap&Read will make the text accessible through built-in OCR. 


Reading Text Aloud

To read text aloud, just click the speaker button and then click on the area where you want to start reading. Snap&Read will read the text aloud with high quality voices until you click again to stop the speech.

Read text out loud with Snap&Read Universal


Leveling Text Complexity 

Adjusting text works the same way, just click on the text adjusting button and then click on the area where you want the text to be simplified, and Snap&Read will simplify from that area on. Or, you can select the passage you need simplified and then click the text simplifier button and only the selected text will be simplified.

The simplified vocabulary will show in italics. Hover the mouse over the simplified text to see the original text.Toggle between the simplified text and the original with a click.

Simplify complex text with Snap&Read's unique levelling tool

Simplify complex text by levelling right in the body with Snap&Read Universal


Reading Inaccessible Text

When you come across inaccessible text that cannot be selected, click on the target tool and make a box around the text to be read. Snap&Read will automatically convert the text on the fly and read it aloud.

Read inaccessible text like PDFs and images with Snap&Read Universal


Translate Text 

Snap&Read Universal's new Translation function supports over 100 languages, translating text directly in the body of the copy for additional vocabulary support, whether in email, websites, Google Drive, online books, PDFs. Just click the Snap&Read translate button, and Snap&Read will embed the accurate translation, while maintaining the context of the reading. See the video below for a 3-minute demo showcasing these unique translation supports:

Choose and setup a language for the Translation tool in the Snap&Read Settings menu.

*Tip: To get word-by-word highlighting while reading, select system voices or download new ones in the languages you need. When reading text, Google Voices aren’t compatible with word-by-word highlighting.

Why Levelling? 

Snap&Read Universal’s text levelling feature is really a revolutionary support for readers and has far reaching implications.

Simply reading text aloud is often enough to help students comprehend. Other times, the text can be filled with complex and utterly unfamiliar curricular vocabulary that is even above a student’s listening comprehension level.

Yet, the student has to acquire this vocabulary to succeed.

Snap&Read text adjusting features simplifies complex words to a level that allows students to read passages fluently. The difficulty level is selectable so students can adjust the vocabulary complexity of their reading passages to a level they can feel comfortable with.

For Students Learning New Vocabulary 

Learning and acquiring academic and curricular vocabulary is an on-going challenge for all students, even those reading at grade level. Snap&Read thoughtful text leveling:

  • Preserves context. This is so important for learning, not just meaning, but appropriate use of new vocabulary
  • Uses multiple words for supporting meaning, demonstrating the functions of synonyms and the effectiveness of the specific terminology
  • Doesn’t lose new vocabulary: just hover your mouse or click and you’ll see the original word
  • Adjust leveling: Making adjustments to fit specific students' needs, is easy and intuitive.

For Students Who Need Modified Materials

Students in a congregated classroom setting or with alternative curriculum who have literacy skills, find it a great challenge to find curricular materials they can read. Snap and Read’s leveling and straightforward, focused interface, makes it easy for students with cognitive challenges to read text.

It’s a great alternative to teachers using modified materials. Students access the grade-level content from the original source material, but can adjust complexity to a level that works for them.

For Classroom Teachers

Classroom teachers love the simplicity, accessibility and teaching power of Snap&Read.

  • A great way for teachers to introduce new vocabulary or challenging texts with a projector or interactive whiteboard.
  • Simple to use, with just 4 buttons, requires no training
  • Saves time: On demand levelling, means less time expended on modifying materials for student use.
New Reading to Learn Tools

The Snap & Read extension introduces new tools so that students can immediately transform text into information, reading into learning:

  • Extract key text 
  • Integrate it into outlines - right in the browser
  • Cite for future source checking
  • Prep for including into their own work - study notes, assignment building, writing research

Snap&Read works practically anywhere your Chrome browser can take you -- including Google Docs, websites, PDFs, as well as Kindle and Bookshare books.


Highlight and Extract To an Outline in One Step

The outline can be organized and added to, right beside the source content, so students don’t lose context or focus.

The outline structures the kind of transition from reading to writing, essential to post-secondary success. Students can build outlines like Compare and Contrast, Description, and Explanation, then pull content into their structured outlines by gathering source content. Or structure after researching.


Create an outline by highlighting important texts. Works right in the same tab!

Snap&Read Universal creates bibliographies for the info captured in your outline


NEW! Outline Templates 

Guide reading by adding a template to your outline. Over 60 templates are included from KWL and story map, to compare and contrast.


Over 60+ Outline Templates available in Snapr&Read Universal


Outline and Organize

You can promote and demote your points, move them around and remove them completely, just by clicking on the bullet or using your keyboard. The outline also works as an easy bookmark system. Want to keep reading or double check some information? Just click on the saved link.


Snap&Read outline screenshot


Outline to Writing

At any time, you can start pulling information from your outline to your written document.

Drag and drop into a web-based tool like Google Doc (pictured below), or Google Slides, or a desktop writing tool like Word or Power Point.


NEW! Download and Print Outlines 

Download and Print Outlines and sources.

Download your outline from Snap&ReadPrint your outline from Snap&Read


Citing and Bibliography Building

In the world of electronic text, it is easy for students to forget citations and lose track of sources. Not to mention confuse their own ideas with research. Often, the night before the assignment is due, they are drowning in a quagmire of books, notes and web links, trying to figure out what came from where and how to properly reference it all in a bibliography.

Snap&Read has a little magic that helps students build the bibliography as they collect their information.
Any time Snap&Read highlights, an entry is automatically created in the bibliography. And with a click you can switch between APA, MLA, and Chicago formats.

Citing from a printed book or journal that you aren’t reading on your computer? Snap & Read guides you through manually citing each source whether journal, website, book, video or anything else, in the three major formats.

Snap&Read bibliography

District Wide Implementation -- Easy and Smart



Snap&Read keeps its options simple to minimize training. Change color preferences, speech rate and pitch, as well as how much complex text is simplified. Languages for translation are also selected in the Settings menu.

Implementation and Pricing 

Snap&Read Universal is purchased as an annual subscription. Snap&Read is a Universal Extension for Chrome. Browse to the web or use Chrome to open pdf’s or other files via Google drive, or from the desktop for full functionality. Ideal for Chromebooks but works on a Chrome browser in Windows and Mac too.

You can also download a PC version for Windows or Mac. Both read accessible or inaccessible text but do not include Dynamic Text Levelling. Dynamic Text Levelling function is only available in the Google Chrome extension.

One login delivers access to all platforms: Google Chrome, PC or Mac.

Licenses available for individual students, cumulative tiered users pricing, and unlimited school or district deployment.

Contact Bridges for a demonstration, trial and full quote.

Secure Student Privacy

You would be surprised if you found out what data can be collected by your Google Chrome extensions - potentially everything a student writes and reads. It can be stored anywhere in the world, where data protection laws are different. By law, any parent can request all of the data held on their child from every technology vendor you use. Can you face your parents and confidently tell them the data that is being collected, how it is collected, and where it is stored?

With Snap&Read data, there is no potential for sensitive data to be stored on our servers. We don't collect search terms, websites visited, passwords, or the specific text read or written. They never even reach our servers. We want to make sure that you get powerful data that won't jeopardize and put you at risk of violating student privacy.

Read more about student-safe data and how Snap&Read protects privacy.


Collect Data that Matters 

There are a lot of good reasons for smart data. Smart data isn’t like the once a year assessment that gives you results in July. Smart data gives constant feedback so you can make ongoing adjustments.

With smart data, you can make better decisions—in real time. Snap&Read gives you this kind of smart data. See the video below for a 3 minute demo of Snap&Read data collection:

Simply log into the Educator Dashboard™ website from any device and get data on your students. Here’s what you’ll see…


This is group data where you can see how much your students read collectively.

Usage Data

Click on a student's name to see individual data.

First, you see the date that the student was set up - a nice way to show he had access well ahead of the assessment. Next, you can see how much the student read. Reading data is collected anytime the Snap&Read toolbar is active, even if a student only uses the accommodation for difficult passages. Snap&Read will collect reading data using a set of algorithms. In this case, the student read 71,442 words since January 27, 2015 and spent over 145 hours reading. Over the school year, you'll see these numbers continue to grow. You'll know exactly how much students are reading!



Qualitative Data

Snap&Read analyses the text students read through an average of five readability scales, giving you a really good idea of the levels of content each student is reading.

The darker the colour, the more the student read content at that level. You can see here that most of the content that this student reads is clustered around the 5th grade level. You can also see that the student has read content as high as 11th grade and as low as 1st grade. This data helps educators guide students to content at appropriate reading levels and then monitor results.


Monthly subscriptions

For monthly subscription options starting at 4.99 USD available on the official Snap&Read page. Follow the link here.

*Note: if your organization has restrictions on out-of-country purchases, or other considerations, please contact Bridges to facilitate your purchase. 

Sku: 22P75SEAT3Y

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