360° Literacy Support: Snap&Read and Co:Writer Universal


Better together: When paired on a student's device, Snap&Read and Co:Writer Universal make a complete reading and writing support.


Snap&Read Universal offers the best in text-to-speech and dynamic text leveling, with second language support and study tools built right in - for any text, from inaccessible PDFs to images. 

With Co:Writer Universal's responsive word prediction and on-point, instant topic dictionaries, students can write about what they want, wherever they want. 

When the 2 tools are partnered together, students have everything they need to take their literacy skills to the next level. Whether on a Chromebook, laptop, or Macbook, students have quick and easy access to the support functions they need to work efficiently, all in one seamless experience. 




Making Curriculum Materials Accessible — the easy way! from DonJohnstonInc on Vimeo.


Organisation: University, School(s), or School District


universal license

For both Snap&Read (S&R) and Co:Writer (CW) Universal, you can chose from a variety of easy, time saving options to deploy and manage your licenses, including domain based automatic registration.

Domain Name Access

You can chose to give access automatically to anyone with your school district’s, post-secondary institution’s or organisation’s domain (eg. www.schooldistrict.ca with emails like @schooldistrict.ca).
In your eco-system are you using different sub-domains for different roles? For instance, @schooldistrict.com for students but @staff.schooldistrict.ca for staff. You can designate roles and access rules based on your sub-domains just like you do already.

Google Sign-in

In addition, for Chromebook or Google Apps for Education (GAFE) boards, you can sign in with existing Google credentials.

Registration via CSV File

You can also add users by generating an individual code via email, or upload a CSV file of your students and staff.

Contact Bridges and we’ll map out an implementation plan free of charge for your universal license that works best for your eco-system.


The Ultimate Tools to Support Reading and Writing 


Snap&Read Universal 

Snap&Read is your Next-Generation reading tool for Google Chrome covering the most diverse reading needs!

Only Snap&Read:

  • Reads PDF and Bookshare books in the Chrome browser
  • Reads inaccessible text (Flash, images, and PDFs) on Google Chrome without a complex conversion process
  • Dynamically Levels complex passages by adjusting needlessly difficult vocabulary (without changing the meaning/rigor)
  • Translates text into over 90 languages - specific levelled vocabulary or entire passages
  • Embeds supports right in the original text - context and curricular vocabulary are preserved. So complex academic vocabulary can be learned.
  • Builds study skills by structuring information in a flexible outline 
  • Cites resources to help students track sources and build bibliographies
  • Works offline - if your school is like most and has internet outages or speed issues, you need this!
  • Gives Smart Data - See how much your students are reading and the level of text they're reading.


Co:Writer Universal

Co:Writer Universal uses grammar- and vocabulary-smart word prediction to help students better express their ideas in writing across devices. And now built-in speech recognition adds an entirely new way of getting ideas out!

Only Co:Writer Universal gives students access to the most powerful word prediction on their favorite devices (Chromebooks, iPads, and Mac/Windows desktops), over 4 million Topic Dictionaries, built-in speech recognition in Google Chrome, and incredible privacy-safe data collection.

  • Anywhere, anytime access: It doesn't matter if a student is working in a library, at home, at a friend's place, or the classroom. Whether on an iPad, laptop, Chromebook or virtually any tool that can run a Google Chrome browser, Co:Writer is there. Not just for a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment, the flexibility of Co:Writer Universal removes usage barriers.
  • Shared Settings: Students' personal Co:Writer Universal settings follow them through the cloud on any platform they choose.
  • Writing Integration: Students can write in Co:Writer’s built-in word processor for iPad or Chrome, and their writing is now shared through the cloud!
  • Speech Recognition: The Chrome extension now has integrated speech recognition (speech to text). 
  • Universal Licensing: new subscription pricing means universal access for everyone in your education environment -- students, teachers, consultants -- on any platform they need.
  • Reporting: Detailed reporting and qualitative usage statistics will be available across all platforms.


Student and Teacher Data Integrity


It isn’t enough to say your servers are secure in a world where server security breaches have become almost routine. Teachers, students have critical personal information on their computer and most extensions and cloud based apps indiscriminately capture all the information your looking at in your browser – website addresses, content, forms you’ve filled out, emails you write, docs you create – often even when the extension is off.

READ the blog post "Cloud Privacy: Can you turn the extension off?" for more details

Don Johnston uses the highest possible protocols to protect their data on the cloud.

But they go farther.  

Unlike any other accessibility extension, most of S&R and CW functionality happens right on the local computer, not in the Cloud.  As a result there is no personal data on Co:Writer or Snap&Read Universal servers.

They don’t know what a user has read, which websites they’ve visited or what specifically they have written.

What DJI has on their servers for CW and S&R is meta-data. The analysis but not the content ie:

They know what grade level you’re reading at, but not what you’ve read.


snap & Read universal example reporting


They know what academic level words you’ve used in your writing but not what the writing is about.


co:writer example reporting


Essentially, if someone ever manages to break into DJ’s servers, you can be certain that the thieves wouldn’t find anything there worth stealing.

Read more about student privacy in Google Chrome in our recent blog posts.

Offline Access -- REAL Anywhere Anytime Access


Co:Writer and Snap&Read are the only Chrome accessibility extensions that give you offline access—crucial if you have inconsistent internet access or if there’s poor internet access at home. Close the lid on your Chromebook or laptop at school and when you open it at home, you can continue to read and write with the supports you need.


Video Gallery: Next-generation Snap&Read and CoWriter Tools