Bridges Professional Learning

You have technology - Now What? 

Learn with Bridges

Join Bridges Learning with technology to build individual and classroom success:

  • Knowledgeable, engaging Instructors
  • Collaborative approaches
  • Accountability
  • Strategy-rich, differentiated approach
  • Many models and opportunity for practice
  • Comfortable, relaxed
  • Resources and materials in multiple formats

     System Training 

      Google Apps for Education
Microsoft Education

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Student and Teacher Instruction  

SEA Implementation (Student and Teacher Training)
Tech Camps
Classroom Coaching

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Online Courses and Training

educATe - on-demand implementation resources
educATe Family - Online course for parents
educATe Classroom - Online Courses for Teachers
Keys to Literacy

Courses Webinars

Blended Learning Curriculum Packages

Equals Math 
First Author
MeVille to WeVille

     Eye Gaze Training for Classroom Implementation    

Classroom Coaching   

Eye Gaze Days  

Grid 3 Workshop 

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Blended Learning Software Packages

Clicker 6 and 7 
Kurzweil 30000
Co:Writer and Snap&Read Universal
Read&Write Toolbars

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The Bridges team is recognized as experts in assistive and educational technology both nationally and internationally. All Bridges instructors have undergone intensive professional development with Bridges in, addition to their professional experience/background, in the areas of:

  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Augmentative Communication
  • Adult Learning Styles
  • Instructional Practice Using A T

Bridges Instructors have:

  • Thousands of hours of direct teaching experience
  • Partnered with technology developers on product development
  • Led initiatives such as Smart Inclusion