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Visit the Technical Support FAQ for specific technology and product information

Also find manuals, specifications and support documentation for download under individual product entries.

E.g. the Specifications and Support headings under GoTalk 32+  and the BigMack 


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Hardware Troubleshooting

  1. Check the power source and a different outlet. If the unit works on a different outlet, the previous outlet is defective.
  2. Check that all the cables are connected securely and in their proper slot.
  3. Did you get an error message?
    • Write it down. It will help the technical support people troubleshoot the problem.
    • When the message comes up, press the “Prt Scrn” (print screen) key on your keyboard. 
    • This will take a snapshot image of your screen, including the error message, and copy it to your clipboard. 
    • Go into your email or word processing program and select paste (go to Edit in the Menu or press Ctrl+V or select the paste icon). 
    • The picture should appear, ready to be emailed to tech support or referred to by you during a tech support call.

When calling for technical support please try to have the following information available:

  1. Operating system (Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista , OS X)
  2. Amount of RAM
  3. Version of software that is not working

This information can be found in the properties of the computer. Right Click on the My Computer icon and select Properties. On some computers this information can be found in the Programs\Accessories\ System Tools.

4. Any error messages that the computer has displayed

It is very helpful if you can be in front of the computer when calling for assistance.

Software Troubleshooting

  1. Reboot the computer. Turn it “off” then turn it “on” again
  2. Do you have the latest version of the software?
  • To check you can usually go to the “Help Menu” and go to the “About” selection.
  • You might be able to download a “patch,” “fix” or “app.” from the software website to fix the problem. Look for a “Support” or “Technical Support” link on the website.

3. Do you have the minimum hardware requirements for the software? This information can usually be found on the software packaging or on the manufacturer’s website.

Return Policy 

Do you offer a money back guarantee? 

We offer a 21-day money-back guarantee unless otherwise noted. Products must be returned in a resalable condition as determined by Bridges. Returns are subject to a 20 percent restocking fee after 21-days. Many of our manufacturers offer additional limited warranties of longer durations on their products. Returns will no longer be accepted after a period of 90 days. Please call us at 1-800-353-1107 (8:30am - 4:30pm EST) or send an e-mail to for more information about manufacturer's warranties or returning your product.

How do I return a product? 

To return a product you need to get a Return Authorization (R.A.) number from us. Please call us at 1-800-353-1107 (8:30am - 4:30pm EST), e-mail us at or fax us at 905-542-7242 to get an R.A. number and further instructions. Please note, Bridges will not accept returns without an R.A. number. The customer is responsible for shipping costs of returned products.


Bridges AADL Support Portal

Link to Bridges AADL  AAC support portal


CLICK HERE for Bridges AADL AAC Support Portal.

Created to support clinicians, this site includes support materials and information on the devices that Bridges provides to the AADL program, including:
• manuals 
• quick starts 
• videos and more.