Curriculum Professional Learning Series

Blended Learning Curriculum Packages

Providing access to curriculum is a necessity. In addition to access, all students benefit from comprehensive, systematic instruction that is standards-based. Acquiring curriculum packages designed for students who have complex learning and access needs is the first step. Now that you have the curriculum package, how do you get started? Bridges provides a combination of face to face and web delivered training to help you familiarize yourself with the curriculum and get organized to start using it. 

Equals Math

This training will help you explore the assessment features, manipulatives, lesson plans and adaptation built into  Equals. It will impart knowledge and strategies that will get you started with Equals and that you can apply across a wide range of special needs classroom practice.

Face to Face Training Options: 

Full Day Workshop


This workshop will start with an overview of the Equals curriculum followed by guided support to unpack and organize the Equals materials. Participants will be directed in how to maximize use of the online technology  portal for whole class instruction. A case study approach will be used to explore the assessment materials and  lesson plans. Participants will receive guided practice using the resources and will leave the workshop ready to  use this comprehensive, systematic approach to math instruction with all students who have complex learning  needs in the classroom.

Half Day Workshop


This workshop will start with an overview of the Equals curriculum followed by guided support to unpack and  organize the Equals materials. Participants will review the Equals Assessment: materials, organization and how  to administer and score the assessment. An overview of the Equals Lesson will be provided. The assessment  and lesson plan materials will be explained, using case examples. Participants will complete the Lesson  Overview webinar and Equals Kit webinar following this half-day workshop in order to round out their  understanding of how to implement Equals in the classroom. 

Follow-up Recorded Webinars

  1. Equals Kit: Equals Curricular Kit and Manipulatives Kit  An overview will be given of the three parts to the Equals Math Program: Curriculum Kit, Manipulatives Kit and   Members Only Site. Participants will learn about efficient ways teachers access and organize manipulatives,  cards and lesson materials.
  2. Assessment: Organization and Use of Assessment Materials This webinar will provide instruction about how to organize, administer and use information gathered using the Equals Assessment. Participants will learn effective ways to prepare and organize materials, score the assessment and make decisions about where to place students in the Equals Math Program.
  3. Equals Lesson Overview  This webinar will provide an overview of the Equals lesson, which includes four parts: Getting Ready, Introduce and Connect, Teach and Follow-up. Participants will be guided through a sample lesson, in detail. Suggestions will be given for preparing materials, pacing, monitoring progress and how to access the online technology resources for group instruction

About the Instructor

Christy McDonald is an educator, assistive technology training specialist, presenter and advocate for people with special needs. She is  committed to supporting students with learning differences, their families and teachers. Christy works as an Educational Consultant and  Assistive Technology Training Specialist at Bridges Canada. She delivers professional development workshops to teachers implementing the Equals Math program, helping teachers apply the strategies within Equals that support different learning needs. Her extensive classroom and special education experience allow Christy to offer practical, relevant suggestions to teachers that want to provide a program that includes all learners in a meaningful way.


Readtopia™ is a comprehensive reading curriculum for middle and high school students with autism and other complex needs. It brings first-hand experiential learning into the classroom—teaching students social studies, ELA, and science content. It brings first-hand experiential learning into the classroom, so students can bridge the gap between learning through reading, and learning through experiencing.

Bridges training will provide an overview of this new curriculum and help you to get started with classroom instruction. 


Full day workshop 

This full day workshop will provide an overview of the components of Readtopia, including formative assessment materials.