DJI Universal Literacy



1. To what degree does the product include word support? (e.g., Dictionary, Thesaurus, Visual Dictionary & Multi-Media (e.g., video explanations)?


Dynamic Text Leveling

 Providing simplified, contextual synonyms or short definitions right in the text without loosing context or interrupting fluency 


See dynamic text leveling in action in our GIF image below  


2. To what degree does this product include Research Options? - highlighting - easy online fact checking integrated - extracting notes to create jot notes- bookmarking?


Snap&Read Universal Study Tools

Highlight and extract key points or information. Highlighted text is extracted into an outline right in the same window, sources are included for easy reference later, and the bibliography tool will automatically build the student's bibliography. 


Taking notes with Snap&Read Universal

Create a new outline and highlight the info you'd like to make note of, it's automatically added to the note panel on the side, with the source website included for later reference. 



3. How functional is the Word Prediction? - double letters - omitted/additional letters - letter confusion - phonetic errors - invented words – abbreviations


Vocabulary Support

Relevant word prediction based on topics a student is writing about. 

When writing on the web, Co:Writer Universal takes the content that a student is reading and automatically creates momentary topic dictionaries, helping students to write complex ideas relevant to the topic they are reading about. 

When writing in a document, students can quickly and easily create topic dictionaries about any topic they're writing about, choosing from Co:Writer's 4,000,000 topic dictionaries.



Speech Recognition


Speech recognition is also available. If Co:writer Universal uses the wrong word, a student simply clicks on the word and Co:Writer will bring up a list of relevant suggestions  based on the context of what the student is writing about(see 1:00 in the video below for this feature) .



See the GIF image below for a quick view of Co:Writer Universal's vocabulary support


4. How functional is the word bank in word prediction? - customizable, Canadian language (French/English/Both), adaptive.


Accessing a Word Bank in Co:Writer Universal


Quick Topic Dictionaries

With internet access, students can create a "Quick Topic" for any topic that they're writing about, providing access to relevant vocabulary. 



5. To what degree does the word prediction consider grammatical context?



6. Does the word prediction consider suffixes/prefixes for root words? (e.g., user types "play" and prediction list includes: plays, playing, played, playful)?


7. Does the product do automatic spacing and capitalization upon insertion?


Video not available to demonstrate this feature. 


8. Does the product include a read function within the word prediction?


Reading as you Write

Skip to 2:00 in the video below to see how Co:Writer Universal reads the word aloud after the student has written it. When the sentence is complete, the whole sentence can be read aloud to the student. 




9. Does the word prediction support homophone/homonym/confusables by giving definitions or samples sentences?


Video not available to demonstrate this feature.  


10. How many options are provided for the user to display the word prediction list? - e.g., configurable, fixed, dynamic, horizontal, vertical, # of words, order of words, font, background colour, and size?


A number of settings can be adjusted to students' preferences for word prediction;  the number of word guesses listed in prediction, background colour of the list, font colour of the guesses, manage the speech engine, and more


Setting Adjustments in the Co:Writer Extension



11. To what degree does the product provide word prediction selection methods? - e.g., click on word, type number, spacebar or other keys, auto complete, or scan words (switch access).?


Video not available to demonstrate this feature.  


12. To what degree is text-to-speech available for a variety of content formats?


Snap&Read Universal can read aloud text in any format, from PDFs to Word Docs, Google Docs, images, and even physical worksheets. 


Using Snap&Read Universal for OCR

The OCR tools lets you read inaccessible text - anywhere! 


Making Printed Text Accessible with a document camera and Google Chrome


Coupled with a document camera, Snap&Read Universal's OCR function well read physical worksheet aloud. Snap&Read Universal's other tools, like dynamic text leveling, translation, and highlighting info to add to outlines, are also available to be applied to the worksheet.  



13. To what degree is the user able to track the text-to-speech through highlighting?


Reading with Snap&Read Universal

Snap&Read Universal offers word by word highlighting as the text is read aloud. 



Snap&Read Universal Translation Support

The video below demonstrates how Snap&Read Universal can translate levelled text to provide more support for English Language Learners. Skip to 2:18 to see the text highlighted as its read aloud in the second language. 

14. Does the text-to-speech include Canadian Pronunciation?


Video not available to demonstrate this feature. 


15. To what degree is the reading settings customizable? (speed, voice, language, start, stop, pause, continuous, selected)


Reading settings can be customized in Snap&Read Universal's settings menu. Readers can change the highlighting colour, the text-to-speech voice, the speed, the volume,  the complexity for the dynamic text levelling tool, and more.

Adjusting Options in Snap&Read Universal


16. What are the speech-to-text output options? Inserts into: - standard documents (e.g., Google/O365 Docs) - web browser - presentation software - all writable contexts (e.g., pdf, text boxes)

Using Speech Recognition in Co:Writer Universal

Speech-to-text in Co:Writer functions in practically any electronic environment, from e-mails, to Google Docs, to websites and presentation software. 

17. How accurate is the speech-to-text?


Video not available to demonstrate this feature. 


18. To what degree is the user able to customize the of speech-to-text?


Video not available to demonstrate this feature. 


19. Does the speech-to text include Canadian spelling?


Video not available to demonstrate this feature. 


20. To what degree does the speech-to-text support grammar, structure & writing conventions?


Video not available to demonstrate this feature. 


21. To what degree is product support provided? (e.g. community support, knowledge base, wiki, blog, live chat)


Video not available to demonstrate this feature. 


22. Is the product advertising free?


Video not available to demonstrate this feature. 


23. How easy is it for the user to access the product? (i.e., launch & login)?


Giving Students Access to Co:Writer Universal:

Using an Activation Code 


With email 


Giving Students Access to Snap&Read Universal 

Using an Activation Code 

With email 




24. To what degree is the product easy to use and learn for most users? (K-12)?


Video not available to demonstrate this feature.  


25. To what degree can product accounts be integrated into existing systems? (e.g., imported manually, vendor created, integrates into active directory or LDAP authentication)?


Video not available to demonstrate this feature. 


26. Does the product include Single Sign-On with existing identity providers? (not just single credential) (e.g. Office 365, Active Directory, Google Apps)


Video not available to demonstrate this feature.  


27. To what degree does the product support all versions of commonly used web browsers? (Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox, browsers released within the last 2 years of the date of the posting of the call).


Video not available to demonstrate this feature.  


28. To what degree does the product have technical issues that affect its core functionality?


Video not available to demonstrate this feature. 


29. To what degree is the product compatible with multiple platforms or support BYOD readiness within schools?


Co:Writer in iOS: enabling the Co:Writer Universal iOS Keyboard



Co:Writer Universal Extension for Chrome



30. To what degree does the product rely on third party plugins?


Video not available to demonstrate this feature.