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Modern yet magical, Choose and Tell: Fairy Tales brings the classics to life. Choose from Snow White, Beauty, Cinderella, Princess Aurora (also known as Sleeping Beauty) or Rapunzel. Then enjoy a magical adventure with special appeal for today’s children!

Choose from Snow White, Cinderella, Princess Aurora (also known as Sleeping Beauty) or Rapunzel. Then decide whether to travel in a pumpkin coach or go for a funky moped or some groovy rollerblades. The activities can be adjusted to suit learners of different ages and abilities. 

Decide whether to travel in a pumpkin coach, or go for a funky moped or some groovy rollerblades. Will your heroine visit a fairy tale castle, a palace, a candy cottage or a tower - or will she go to the supermarket?

You will encounter a whole variety of fairy tale characters in this program, from the Beast to Rumplestiltskin. Will your heroine find her Prince Charming – or will a magical kiss lead to a completely different surprise?

After all, frogs need love too… and of course, they all live happily ever after.

The familiar characters will enchant your children, while encouraging them to use their imaginations, make decisions and think about creating a narrative.

You can adjust the activities to suit learners of different ages and abilities and to include those with special needs.


Reviews of Choose and Tell: Fairy Tales.

"A very user-friendly package which is ideal for KS1 in supporting the narrative unit Traditional Tales."

"The graphics are simple and clear yet humorous with a good choice of selection by the user to create an individual tale."

"The voiceover is clear and easy to understand and combined with the graphics is particularly good for children who have English as an additional language."

The children said:

  • "Cool!"
  • "Easy to use."
  • "Good to have a fun choice and sensible choice of pictures to click on."
  • "I'd like to use it again and again."

With thanks to Sue Cooper and the children of Boyne Hill Infants School and Nursery Class.

"Children liked the familiarity, the chance to choose and making funny choices."

"I think it would be very useful to teach children the choices and sequencing in their own writing."

"All children responded positively without prompting."

The children said:

  • "It was very fun to make up a story."
  • "It helps me learn more."
  • "Choosing was fun."
  • "It is fun to make your own fairy tale."
  • "It's my favourite program."
  • "It tells stories that you design."
  • "I liked the program because it's very funny."
(With thanks to Mrs Ellis and the children at Slade Green Juniors.)

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Choose and Tell is a Nick Wonham creation

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Compatible with: Windows: XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

MSI Installer Included

Potential issues with multi-touch touchscreens on Windows 8 and 10 

You may experience problems using multi-touch touchscreens on Windows 8 and 10 if the user is not capable of performing a clearly defined single point of touch. The program will not respond if the user hits the screen with a palm or a fist.

Our touchscreen software has been programmed to respond to a left-mouse click. A single point of touch in Windows 8/10 will emulate a left mouse-click... however, two (or more) points of touch will be interpreted as a 'gesture' - a completely different command which our software will duly ignore.

This issue does not affect multi-touch users running on Windows 7. Windows 7 will accept the first point of touch and ignore whatever additional contact is made, successfully emulating a left-mouse click.


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