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Dollars & Cents has three distinct levels. First Money, the first step toward independent money skills, teaches money names and equivalent values. Spending Money has shopping and exercise options using coins and bills. Making Change lets users key in cash received and make change from a cash drawer. All three feature U.S. and Canadian options.

Show me Math focuses on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, using no number greater than 20. Includes assessments and a "Show Me!" option to illustrate the answer. Appropriate for any age.

Number Station lets users count by ones, twos, fives, and tens to explore number patterns, then progress to using addition and subtraction to solve more complex patterns. Three difficulty levels; based on NCTM standards.

Time Scales covers basic to advanced time telling using three modules of increasing difficulty: "hours of the day," "minutes of the hour," and "from time to time." Choose from varying clock faces, digital time, time words, or audio cues.

Dollars & Cents, Show Me Math, and TimeScales: Win/Mac CDs, touch screen, single switch, and IntelliKeys compatible. Number Station: Win/Mac CD, touch screen compatible.

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Vendor: Attainment

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