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A four-DVD set about autism spectrum disorders, ideal for parent or staff training.


1. Asperger Syndrome DVD

Explains the etiology of and strategies for coping with Asperger syndrome. The video documents a 12-year-old boy, and his life as he demonstrates success in developing appropriate behaviors for the classroom. Dr. Tina Iyama offers insight from her experience in the field.

2. Autism Spectrum Disorders DVD

40-minute video that provides a comprehensive overview of autism spectrum disorder, as Glenis Benson, Ph.D. presents her developmental perspective.

3. Autism Times Two DVD

This video documents the Cauley family and their dedication to their two sons diagnosed with autism. It details their learning process and developing a support system.

4. Straight Talk about Autism DVD

Features interviews with children with autism and their parents, covering the transition from early childhood to the school setting and from the school setting to a job. 


Asperger Syndrome DVD

There has been an increase of diagnoses of Asperger syndrome and autism in recent years. This DVD looks at Asperger syndrome in general while focusing on 12-year-old Andrew. It includes an in-depth interview with Dr. Tina Iyama, M.D., from University of Wisconsin Children’s Hospital, where she explains the symptoms, causes of, and strategies for coping with Asperger Syndrome.

Andrew shows that with successful supports it’s possible to develop skills and behaviors appropriate for the classroom, while maintaining his unique personality. This video is thoroughly watchable and informative, ideal for staff and parents. DVD 17 min., CC, 2000.


Autism Spectrum Disorders DVD

In this DVD, educational psychologist, speaker, and author Glenis Benson, Ph.D. presents a comprehensive overview of autism spectrum disorders.

Dr. Benson's developmental perspective covers major issue areas:

  • Cognitive style
  • Diagnostic characteristics
  • Communication skills and deficits
  • Social behaviors
  • Challenging behaviors

DVD, 39 min., CC, 2001.


Autism Times Two DVD

Jo and Darnell Cauley had four children: Two with autism and two without. When they had their third child, who was their first with autism, it was two decades ago, when autism was a relatively rare condition. The Cauleys found little information about autism and few accommodations were available. They decided to teach themselves by seeking out autism experts and reading everything they could find as new information was released. Then, a decade later, they had a second son with autism. Jo and Darnell felt more prepared to support their son and have since dedicated their lives 24/7 to their sons' education. The Cauley parents have developed a system of supports for school, home, and community to be envied. They have redefined what commitment looks like through their hard work, dedication, and love of family. Autism Times Two is their story.

DVD, 30 min., CC, SDH subtitles, 2010.


Straight Talk about Autism DVD

Features interviews with kids with autism and their parents. They examine the key difficulties that they have encountered and worked through during childhood and adolescence. The key childhood difficulties includes getting an accurate diagnosis, parental acceptance of the disability, coping with communication deficits, and beginning school. The key adolescence difficulties features hypersensitivities, splinter skills, teasing, Circle of Friends programs, social skills, school-to-work transition, and independent living.

DVD, 80 min., CC, 1999.


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