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Represent, interact and play with numbers to build a solid foundation for math learning with this easy to use set of tools. Plus the included resources, created by Bridges’ expert instructor team, make it easy to get started and keep going with your kit, keeping your tech out of the classroom cupboard.

The Stones Tray

A highly visible tactile ten frame or a sorting tool for all manners of counters and tokens.


The sequential communication device Step-by-Step lets the non-verbal student count. By ones, fives, tens; or count backwards; or participate in a math chant, poem, song, or game: the possibilities are endless.

Wild Dice Maxi

A large foam die but every pip or dot on each side is a marble behind a window. This develops subitizing and can be used with pentomino games too.

All-Turn-It Spinner 

Generate randomness with the incredibly versatile All-Turn-It Spinner with a switch. The Spinner comes with dice overlay you can use for one or 2 dice toss. Or write or draw on the reverse wipe on/off surfaces with a dry erase marker. You can also attach pictures or prompts on the Spinner, too for addition, subtraction, or to reflect many other problems or patterns.



Number blocks, proportional in height, so that you can build values, showing the different ways to subtract, add, factor divide and more.


Experimental Numbers

Open to a variety of materials to write numbers: use string, modelling clay, beads, pipe cleaner etc.



Classroom Resources for a Cupboard Proof Kit


Tired of seeing great tech, locked away in classroom cupboards?

Classroom cupboard proof iconEach of our kits come with its own collection of guides, print materials including class activities and communication displays. We even included ready-to-use activities that integrate the Kit with the most common classroom apps and devices.

The resources are created by Bridges’ expert AT instructors with decades of real-world expertise adapting curriculum and supporting students with communication, access and learning challenges.


Resources included in the kits:

  • Individual and group activities
  • Guides and manuals
  • Communication displays
  • Core communication resources

Resources included have been adapted for the following software:

  • Smart Notebook
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Docs
  • Boardmaker Online


What's in the kit


Items included Full Kit Small Kit
Lesson resources * *
All-Turn-It Spinner w/ Jelly Bean Twist * *
Big Step-by-Step w/ Levels * *
SumBlox Intro Set - Set of 43  * *
Natural Two-Tone 10-Frame Tray *
Natural Two-Tone Stones *
Experimental Numbers *
Wild Dice Maxi *
Vendor: Bridges

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