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Clicker is the award-winning literacy tool that enables students of all abilities to significantly develop their reading and writing skills - used on over half a million school computers worldwide!

Clicker 7 builds on the acclaimed support features of its predecessors, and offers new features too. It's your complete literacy toolkit, making it easier than ever for teachers to provide personalized literacy supports across the curriculum - from planning, to writing, to proofing! With 3 brand new components, Voice Notes, Clicker Board, and Word Pool, and new wizards for even faster resource creation and editing, Clicker 7 has everything your students need to succeed in literacy.

Improved access methods have also been included, including switch access, eye gaze, and Superkeys!

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New and Improved Features 

Voice Notes

Students and teachers can record their own Voice Notes before they write, assisting with the planning process. Students can capture their initial thoughts and ideas, before writing.

With voice notes, teachers can also provide notes and guidance for students to support their writing, right in the Clicker document!

Voice Notes are a great way for children to vocally rehearse their sentences in preparation for writing.


Clicker Board

Clicker users now have a built-in graphic organization and planning tool to help them prepare for writing, enhancing the quality and depth of writing by enabling a visual plan to be built before writing.

Create a word bank right from your board and even add voice notes - record each step of a process, listen and match, etc.

Clicker Boards are easy and intuitive to use, allowing you to adjust text and add pictures from the picture library - even integrate PCS and Widgit Symbols!

Children's Voices 

Clicker’s brand new children’s voices give students the opportunity to hear their work read back to them in a friendly, age-appropriate voice that they can identify with. This realistic speech feedback encourages them to actively review and self-correct their work.

Enhanced Word Prediction

Clicker 7 takes word prediction to the next level. Suggestions are incredibly context sensitive, as well as offering topic specific word prediction. Students can increase the depth and breadth of vocabulary used in their written work.

Phonetic prediction setting can now be adjusted, to provide more or less support depending on the student's level.

Clicker’s intelligent predictor suggests words based on the context of the pupil’s writing.

CrickPix Graphics Library 

Clicker 7 includes an even bigger, broader library of over 3500 curriculum pictures. The library gives students easy access to relevant illustrations for their work, and teachers have a high quality bank of images at their fingertips to incorporate into Clicker activities.

Clicker 7 includes an even bigger, broader library of over 3500 curriculum pictures.

Clicker Wizards 

Edit Mode adapts to the kind of activity you are working with, and allows easy editing after creation. Teachers can create resources even faster!


Two exciting new access options are available in Clicker 7; eye gaze support and SuperKeys, our unique access method for learners who need bigger target areas.

New features are available to enhance ease for eye gaze users - dwell and auditory feedback BEFORE a word is selected.

SuperKeys is Crick's innovative on-screen keyboard for people with mild to moderate physical challenges and those with low vision.


Clicker 7 can open files created on any of the Clicker Apps, and vice versa. Resources can be created on any of the available platforms (Windows, Mac, or iPad®) and shared with all others

License Management

Licenses can now be managed from the comfort of your own computer. Easily transfer licenses from one computer or student to another.

Easy Activity Editing

Teachers love how easy it is to create activities with the wizards introduced in Clicker 6. Clicker 7 takes this one step further by using wizards for editing too, making it incredibly easy to customize activities for different ability levels.

'Getting Started' Step-by-Step Guides

Get instant access to Clicker 7 training materials via the Quick Start screen. Whether you’re familiar with Clicker or completely new to the software, the step-by-step videos and PDFs will help you get started quickly and become a confident Clicker user in no time!

Word Pool

With Word Pool, you can add any word to Clicker’s knowledge base. By adding a word to the word pool, you can ensure that the speech engine pronounces it correctly, even if it's an uncommon word, and recognizes misspellings. Word Pool is also a fantastic tool for targeted interventions - use it to tackle the specific spelling patterns your students are really struggling with.

With Word Pool, you can add any word to Clicker’s knowledge base to ensure it’s pronounced properly by the speech engine, suggested by the predictor and accepted by the spellchecker

All the Same Great Features from Clicker 6

Quick start word processor

The Quick Start activity screen enables children to start working right away.

Elementary word predictor

This intelligent predictor suggests words that fit the context of the students’ writing, helping students with their spelling and grammar, and encouraging them to use more adventurous vocabulary.

Click & Edit books

Clicker’s child-friendly Click & Edit activities enable students to independently create their very own talking books and presentations, on any topic!

Built-in painting tools

The popular painting program, Clicker Paint, is now fully integrated into Clicker - a great opportunity for students to creatively express their thoughts and ideas.

Webcam support

Built-in webcam support enables students to take photographs that instantly appear in their Clicker documents.

Favorites list

Children save favorite Clicker activities to their favorites list for easy future access.

Enhanced picture support

The enhanced Clicker 6 library contains over 2500 engaging curriculum pictures, which are not only available for use in documents, but also in Clicker Sets, the predictor, and the spellchecker.

Mouse Dwell

As well as being fully switch accessible, Clicker 6 allows selection by Mouse Dwell, vastly improving access for those using joysticks, trackballs, or eye-control devices.

Activity creation tools

A completely new way of creating Clicker activities.
Simply add words or pictures and the wizards instantly transform them into an activity. There are wizards for sentence building, word banks, writing books, matching, and speaking and listening activities.

Edit Mode

Editing activities made simple - click on a cell and the toolbar instantly changes to display only the tools relevant to the item being edited, with no need to search through menu options.

Instant access to LearningGrids

No need to log in to LearningGrids – access the free resources instantly from within Clicker!

Word Functions

Teacher Driven Features: Boost Writing Independence with Clicker's Word Processor, Provide Additional Support with Voice Notes

Clicker is fast becoming the word processor of choice for elementary schools. Students can open Clicker and just start writing; the built-in support tools and child-friendly interface really encourage writing independence. If additional help is needed, teachers can provide grids of words, phrases, and / or pictures related to that particular lesson or learning objective, and can even now embed voice notes for further guidance.

As students move through the school, Clicker can be easily adapted to provide support appropriate to their age and ability level.

Customizable tools

Clicker gives students of all abilities the tools they need to independently translate their thoughts and knowledge into coherent writing.

As children complete a sentence, Clicker’s clear voice reads it aloud, encouraging them to review what they have written and correct any errors themselves. The speed and frequency of the speech feedback can be changed depending on each learner’s requirements.

Intelligent word prediction

Clicker’s intelligent word predictor suggests words that fit the context of the student’s writing, encouraging them to use more adventurous vocabulary. Children are able to create flowing pieces of text with accurate spelling and grammatically correct sentences. Set the predictor to whichever of the four levels best meets their needs, or create a customized level just for them.

Word Pool

Add any word to Clicker's knowledge base to overcome the speech engine's mispronunciation of uncommon words, and ensure Clicker's recognition of misspellings with the new Word Pool feature. Input the correct spelling of the uncommon word and adjust the pronunciation in the Word Pool settings. Add in a few common misspellings of the word, and Clicker will recognize these misspellings and offer the adjusted word as a suggestion in word prediction.

Picture support

Adding a creative dimension to writing activities helps children to actively engage with the task at hand. Students can use the built-in web cam to personalize their documents with their own photos, or create their own pictures with the Clicker painting tools. This also provides early or struggling writers with an alternative way to demonstrate understanding and capture ideas.

Clicker 6 comes with a library of over 2500 curriculum pictures, which can be used by students to illustrate their work, or by teachers to provide graphical support for learners who need additional help. Symbol libraries are also available to purchase.


Clicker word processor literacy support


Sassoon AND Dyslexie Font

Clicker 7 includes both the Sassoon font, which has been researched and developed specially for children, as well as the Dyslexie font for students with more severe reading challenges. Settings can be adjusted to make Sassoon or Dyslexie the default fonts in Clicker 7.

Sassoon font is based on letter formations familiar to beginning readers and writers, for example rounded letters. Key features include the handwriting-like exit strokes at the base, and the longer ascenders and descenders, which aid letter and word recognition. The line spacing is also slightly bigger than most fonts to make texts easier to read. While a range of other fonts is available in Clicker, using the Sassoon font is a really effective way to aid developing readers and writers.

Dyslexie font, designed for people with Dyslexia, adjusts characters slightly to distinguish them from similar letters in the alphabet, and make the more recognizable. 


Clicker reading writing support Sassoon font


Student-Driven Features: Develop Vocabulary and Spelling with Word Prediction

Clicker’s intelligent word predictor suggests words that fit the context of the student’s writing, encouraging them to use more adventurous vocabulary. Children are able to create flowing pieces of text with accurate spelling and grammatically correct sentences.

Use of the word predictor results in greatly improved coherence, spelling and grammar, and helps to increase the writing productivity of children who struggle to transfer their knowledge and ideas to the page.

"One of the children in my class finds writing and spelling very difficult, and gets really frustrated whenever he has to sit down and write. Clicker has opened the door for him. The flow of his writing has really improved and he is able to focus on what he wants to write, rather than the laborious process of forming each word." - Rob Smith, ICT Coordinator, Silverdale Primary School.

Intelligent word prediction

When children start typing, the predictor generates a list of likely words that begin with those letters. For example, typing ‘fav’ will result in words like ‘favourite’ and ‘favour’ being suggested. This gives children the confidence to have a go at using the vocabulary that best expresses what they want to say, rather than relying on words they are more comfortable spelling. Once a word is completed, the predictor will suggest a list of logical next words to follow it.

In addition, the predictor incorporates our powerful SoundsLike technology. This works out what the letter string being typed sounds like and offers words beginning with a similar sound, enabling struggling spellers to succeed in writing tasks that may previously have been beyond them. Try typing ‘wen’ - Clicker will predict 'when' and 'Wednesday', as well as words like 'went'.

Advanced Spell Checker

Clicker 7's updated spell checker features larger, red-coloured font. Picture support is also available.

Access with mouse, keyboard, eye gaze or switch

To enter a predicted word into your document, either click the word with the mouse or use a number key on the keyboard (you can choose whether you want to use the numeric keypad or the main number keys).

Want to hear the word before entering it? Just right-click (Mac: Ctrl-click) with the mouse or hold Ctrl while you press the number key.

Clicker 7 is eye gaze compatible. With the adjustable Clicker sets and templates, target sizes can be increased. Dwell click is available, and Clicker will read the selection before the click is made.

Predict anywhere in the document

Integrated word prediction also means that you can go back anywhere in your text to look for alternatives. For example, imagine you have entered this sentence:

I walking to the park. 

You listen to the sentence and realize that you have an incorrect word ending in 'walking'. Just move your text cursor between the 'k' and the 'i' and the predictor will offer all the possible word endings. Click on 'walked' and you're done!

Personalize for your students

You can be sure your students are getting predicted words that are right for them by setting the predictor to any one of four levels. You can even create your own customized levels. All the settings are automatically stored with the user’s profile.

Clicker Sets 

Build Reading and Writing Confidence with Clicker Sets

Clicker grids, books and pages give students point-and-click access to whole words, phrases and pictures, helping them to construct their work more independently. Create a set of grids to help students write a more substantial piece of work in manageable steps.

In Clicker 7, each Clicker Set is colour coded, and corresponds to its own app. Custom sets are available for users who want to open Clicker Sets made in Clicker 6. You can even make your own Custom Clicker Set.

Clicker sentence building grids, reading writing support

Sentence building grids 



Clicker word bank, reading writing support

Word Bank grids


Sentence building grids

NEW! Teachers can now edit grids and sets after they've been made in the wizard. If a setting is changed on one grid, you can easily apply this update to the rest of your grids. If you adjust a sentence, the word options in your word bank will also update once you hit the "enter" key.

Sentence building grids typically contain all the words required to build a sentence. Some cells may also contain pictures to help students identify words, and all cells have speech on right-click so the user can hear the word before they write it.

Sentence grids are usually linked, so when a sentence is completed, the user clicks the forward arrow to move to the next grid in the sequence to write the next sentence.

As they move through the series of grids, the text in their Clicker Document grows, giving students the satisfaction of creating a significant piece of writing.

The words in the grid can be color coded to define parts of speech. In addition you can offer a visual or aural model for the student to copy, or use a ‘forced order’ template to encourage left to right directionality.

Word bank grids

Some students who can spell out most words using the keyboard may still need help with the more difficult words, or they may need encouragement to broaden their vocabulary. Clicker word bank grids provide instant access to any number of words.

Word bank grids are tabbed to provide access alphabetically or through topic areas. All words can be previewed with a right-click (Mac: Ctrl-click), which reads the word out.

Writing frames

Many students find it difficult to structure their writing, especially when writing in a genre that is new to them, e.g. a set of instructions or writing up an experiment. Writing frames provide scaffolding to help students achieve well-structured writing.

Clicker Grids are the perfect vehicle for writing frames. They provide sentence or paragraph starters, subject-specific vocabulary, and other supporting phrases.

Matching activities

Matching activities are a great way of developing basic problem-solving and language acquisition skills. They are particularly useful for supporting emergent readers and children learning English as an additional language.

A range of matching activities can be created, incorporating pictures, words and sounds, in whatever combination, to progress students’ key skills at a manageable pace.


Clicker matching activity, reading writing support


Talking books - for reading

Clicker talking books are an important ingredient in the range of reading materials in your classroom. Clicker talking books give you the following benefits:

  • Speech support - Clicker reads in a clear, human-sounding voice, highlighting each word as it is spoken. Children can choose to listen to all the text or just particular words that they are struggling with.
  • Recording functionality - pupils can use the microphone button to record themselves, providing a valuable opportunity to practice reading text and develop their fluency.
  • Flexibility – pupils are able to read the books independently, but they also make great centerpieces for your whiteboard lessons.

Clicker talking books, reading support Clicker talking books, reading support


Talking books - for writing

Making Clicker talking books is not only easy for the teacher – you can give your pupils the opportunity to create talking books too! Start younger or struggling pupils with one of our easy-to-use book templates and switch on Click & Edit –it’s simple for children to enter their own text, images, drawings and even voice recordings, all with the support of Clicker.

Pupils will have access to all Clicker’s built in support features as they put their books together, including speech feedback, the talking spell checker and the predictor. Provide extra help in the form of topic-specific picture banks, sentence building sets or word banks.


Clicker talking books, writing support 


Speaking and listening activities

Use Clicker to develop key speaking and listening skills. Activity options include:

  • Listen and Say – children click on the pictures to listen to the model. They then use the Clicker sound recorder to record their own versions and practice their speaking skills.
  • Talk About – a useful activity for pupils who are strong verbal communicators but struggle to write their ideas down. Simply provide them with a picture prompt and ask them to record their response to it.
  • Tell The Story – create a step-by-step story telling activity with pictures. Children click on a picture to record what’s happening at that particular stage, breaking the activity down into manageable steps. Click on the play button to hear one continuous piece of oral work!

Create your own activities...

Clicker 7 makes it easier than ever before to create all the activities above and more! Visit Crick Software's activity creation section on their website to find out how.

Or let Clicker 7 make all the activities for you!

When you buy Clicker, you also get free access to ready-made resources on our LearningGrids website. The resources cover a wide range of curriculum topics, and more are added regularly by our curriculum team. They are also incredibly easy to edit, enabling you to tailor activities to your exact requirements.

In addition, we have created an acclaimed range of premium Clicker content - our ‘ Powered by Clicker’ resources, which harness the power of Clicker to further support pupils’ learning in specific curriculum areas.

Clicker Activities 

Create Your Own Personalized Activities Quickly and Easily

Clicker 7 makes it easier than ever before to create and edit Clicker Sets. It knows what kind of set you are using and acts accordingly. For example, if you are using a Sentence Set, you can easily add or edit a sentence and everything is automatically updated.

Quick Grid Wizards

The Clicker wizards make creating your own Clicker activities an incredibly quick and easy process. Simply add in your content, and the wizards instantly transform them into a Clicker activity.

Sentence Building

Create sentence building grids from any number of sentences:


Clicker sentence building grid


Connect Wizard

Take sentence building to the next level by providing clusters or of words, phrases and/or pictures for pupils to choose from.


Word Banks

Create an A-Z word bank from any piece of text.


Clicker word bank


Picture Banks

Create a picture bank using your choice of pictures and / or photographs.


Quick Page Wizards

The Quick Page Wizards make it easy to create full page Clicker activities. Include pictures, words, sounds or even your own photographs!

Writing Book

Create a writing book template with word and picture pop-ups.

Listen & Say

Create a listen and record activity with words and pictures.

Story Telling

Create a step-by-step story telling activity with pictures.

Talk About

Create a picture-based activity to stimulate talking about your chosen subject.


Clicker 7 writing activity, picture support


Create a matching activity with pictures, words and sounds.


Or... let us do all the work for you!

When you buy Clicker, you also get free access to ready-made resources on our LearningGrids website. The resources cover a wide range of curriculum topics, and more are added every 2 weeks by our Curriculum team. They are also incredibly easy to edit, enabling you to tailor activities to your exact requirements.We have also created an acclaimed range of premium Clicker content - our ‘Powered by Clicker’ resources, which harness the power of Clicker to further support students’ learning in specific curriculum areas.


Clicker 7 has more accessibility options than ever before, opening the door to an even wider group of learners.

Touch Screen Friendly

Touch screen functionality works across Clicker 7, with an updated selection of on-screen keyboard

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