Dual Switch Latch And Timer

Product Description
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With the Dual Switch Latch and Timer, add modes of control to any switch accessible toy or appliance.

  • Latch: Locks the on in place until you hit the switch again to unlock. So the user doesn't have to keep pressing a switch for the toy bunny to keep walking, fan keep working, bubble machine to keep blowing etc. 
  • Timer: Set a time for the Latch action in seconds or minutes. The switch will stay engaged and the device will stay for the set time. 
  • Duo: Add a device or add another player. Take turns, race each other, compare outcomes from similar toys or devices.

Use with any pre-adapted device, or use our battery device adapter to create your own adapted toy or appliance. This unit allows two people to activate their own devices simultaneously.

The Dual Switch Latch and Timer allows you to choose the amount of time an activity requires to ensure student success. Includes additional Toy/Appliance Cable. Requires a 9-volt battery (not included).

Example Activity Using a Switch Latch and Timer

A student may have a simple switch adapted toy like a battery operated car or hopping bunny connected to the SLAT. Put that toy beside a ruler/meter stick and estimate how far it will go in 30 seconds. Set the SLAT for 30 seconds, hit the switch and compare your results.

Product Features
  • Direct - Keeps switch active as long as it is held down
  • Timed Seconds - Keeps switch active for 1-60 seconds with each activation
  • Timed Minutes - Keeps switch active for 1-60 minutes with each activation
  • Latch - First activation turns connected device ON; second activation turns it OFF

**Switch not included**

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Dual SLAT QuickStart Guide

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Vendor: Ablenet

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