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Boost your skills to help students maximize learning using Assistive Technology!


educATe Classroom offers a unique, Explainer Style approach to providing online, on demand learning. Delivered in bite sized chunks, the lessons are considerate of teachers’ busy schedules. At your own pace, you’ll learn strategies that you can use to help your students with reading and writing to learn, ising their assistive technology. 

You’ll be able to apply the educATe Classroom lessons to whatever tech tools your students use, on any device!

Whatever the software or device, we’ve got you covered! educATe Classroom will give you the knowledge you need to integrate assistive technology into your instruction so your students can access all they need to be successful learners in a 21st Century Classroom.


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2 Courses, 1 Comprehensive Unit

educATe Classroom is divided into 2 courses; Reading and Writing. In each course, we take an in-depth look at strategies and techniques for maximizing learning with Assistive Technology. For a limited time, purchase both courses in a bundle with our special introductory pricing.

Both courses will examine in detail:

  • strategies teachers can use to model the use of assistive technology during whole class and small group instruction
  • some of the challenges and resulting impacts struggling readers and writers face
  • some effective instructional strategies to assist students who lack skills in particular areas
  • putting instructional strategies into action using technology tools in the classroom

educATe Classroom: Reading

Explore the components of reading comprehension with the principles of Universal Design for Learning in mind.

educATe Classroom: Writing 

Examine the stages of the writing process, while considering strategies and techniques that comply with the principles of Universal Design for Learning.


Comprehension Check

Comprehension and retention is supported as you progress through the course, through short quizzes and reflections after each lesson.


educATe Online Course Features 
  • Easy to use interface 
  • Lecture videos available with captions
  • Progress tracking, so you can see how far you are in the course as you go along 
  • Content is software-neutral, and applies to any device your child uses to learn


Course Curriculum

When you purchase access to educATe Classroom, you will be able to engage in both educATe Classroom courses; Reading and Writing. 

educATe Classroom: Reading Curriculum


  • Welcome!
  • Learning Objectives
  • Course Overview and Structure

Reading Course

  • Improve Reading Comprehension
  • Reading Component: Fluency
  • Technology: Use Text to Speech to Support Fluency
  •  Reading Component: Vocabulary
  • Technology: Use the Text-Leveler to Support Vocabulary 
  • Technology: Use Vocabulary Tools to Support Vocabulary
  • Reading Component: Background Knowledge 
  • Technology: Preview Text to Activate Background Knowledge
  • Technology: Use Notes and Hyperlinks to Build and Activate Background Knowledge
  •  Reading Component: Reading Strategy - Identify Main Idea and Supporting Details
  • Technology: Use Highlighters to Identify Main Idea and Supporting Details
  • Reading Component: Reading Strategy - Ask Questions
  • Technology: Use Notes to Ask Questions
  • Give Us Your Feedback


educATe Classroom: Writing Curriculum 


  • Welcome!
  • Learning Objectives
  • Course Overview and Structure

Writing Course

  • Support the Writing Process
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Use Graphic Organizers to Support Planning and Organizing 
  • Writing the Draft
  • Use Word Processing, Word Prediction and Speech to Text to Write a Draft
  • Revising and Editing 
  • Use Text to Speech and Word Prediction to Support Revising and Editing
  • Publishing 
  • Give Us Your Feedback 


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