MegaBee Writing Tablet

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The hand-held writing tablet that gives the power to communicate to people who have lost the ability to speak coherently and write legibly

MegaBee is a simple-to-use writing tablet to aid frequent communication with:

  • Stroke patients
  • Motor-loss sufferers
  • MS patients
  • Motor-neurone disease patients
  • Patients who have no, or impaired, ability to speak and cannot write legibly

Easy to use and rapid to deploy, the MegaBee provides convenient and frequent means of communication between carer and patient, much enhancing lifestyle and improving both levels of care and self esteem.

The product comes in its own carrying case along with battery charger, instruction booklet and CD. The device is Bluetooth enabled for communication with other devices such as a PC if required.

How does it work?

The tablet uses eye movement and blinking as the method to select letters, which are displayed on the integral screen.

The tablet has been designed to require minimal learning both for the reader and writer - letter selection is achieved by looking at the letter and blinking, then looking at the block which is the same colour as the selected letter.

For example the letter 'K' would be selected by looking first at the blue block where the letter K is located and blinking (the carer then presses the blue button and the 'accept' button), then, as the letter 'K' is black, the user looks at the black block and blinks (the carer presses the black button and the letter 'K' appears on the screen).

Similar protocols exist for deleting text and adding spaces, as well as accessing various menu functions such as contrast, scrolling, Bluetooth and other housekeeping facilities. There is an LCD display on each side of the tablet, visible to reader and writer.

A powerful vocabulary facility is also provided which provides abbreviations for frequently used words. This allows users to compile their own set of shorthand words or phrases which can be uploaded at will. For example 'T2' might be assigned to 'Television', or 'H1' means 'I am too hot'. These phrases can be changed to suit varying situations such as bed care, mobility, or in the case of ward supervision, can be changed for different users.


Is MegaBee easy to use?

MegaBee is easy-to-use and rapidly deployed, providing convenient, frequent means of communication with the carer, thus providing a much enhanced lifestyle for the patient. It does not require calibration and accommodates changes in head position or movement of the tablet.

The tablet is made from lightweight textured polypropylene which is tough and durable and allows easy cleaning with a damp cloth.


Does it require a PC connection?

No, MegaBee is fully portable and can be used for bed-confined, home-care and chair-mobile situations. Whilst the unit does not require computing equipment for its basic operation it does however have Bluetooth wireless communication ability should the user require to display on a larger screen or input text into a personal computer.

A custom vocabulary of up to 260 phrases (20 characters maximum) can also be uploaded using a computer thus providing a short-cut typing mechanism specifically tailored to suit the individual user.


How long do the batteries last?

The rechargeable batteries provide regular use over a 24 hour period with notification of low battery given 5 minutes before shutdown. The unit can still be used whilst charging the batteries.


What's included with the MegaBee?

MegaBee is supplied in a custom carrying case which includes battery charger suitable for worldwide use, full operating instructions and a computer animation for easy training purposes.

Click here to visit our technical page to find out more about the specifications of the MegaBee writing tablet.


MegaBee Standard Specifications

Overall Size

H=430mm W=300mm D=40mm [A3 size]


950 grams


2 Displays: 1 on each side. Blue LCD 20 characters x 2 lines, scrolling buffer


Re-chargeable batteries [charger supplied]

Battery Duration

24hr operation on a full charge

Total Memory

600 characters ( 30 lines at 20 characters per line)


Bluetooth built-in with support software for Windows

Sku: 39PP369008
Vendor: MegaBee

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