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MagniLink Vision Premium is an advanced video magnifier with an award-winning design. It magnifies and enhances any text or picture with incredible results. The system is ergonomic and fully modular – each user is able to combine features and accessories to best suit their needs.

Basic MagniLink Vision Premium combination starts at approximately $4,800 (no monitor, external control box and no additional features).


To order your MagniLink Vision Premium refer to the customization options below and contact our sales consultant:

Victor Lajeunesse
Phone: (905) 542-7232 ext.235

You can also choose to order certain parts separately, contact us at for more info.


  • Clever design – form and function in harmony
  • Highly accessible – easy to handle and use
  • Individually adaptable – meets every user’s needs
  • Great ergonomics – provides a better experience
  • Great image quality – true HD/true Full HD
  • Clear illumination – dimmable for light-sensitive users
  • Sturdy X/Y table – quiet and comfortable X/Y table made of aluminum with soft edges and separate friction brakes (optional)


Ordering your MagniLink Vision Premium:


1. Choose your base system

MagniLink Vision is supplied with either an HD or Full HD** camera and with or without a convenient X/Y table that can further improve readability and comfort when reading a magazine or newspaper.


2. Optional monitor

No monitor included
MagniLink Vision 18.5" monitor
MagniLink Vision 23" monitor


3. Supplementary control panel

 3 knob panel
3 push panel
5 push panel
MagniLink Vision external control box


4. Optional accessories for split screen and additional TTS

 DVI Switch
Software Key Win/Mac
TTS Kit (TTS Module, Control Boxx with US English + 1 Extra Voice)



Text To Speech (TTS) option

The Text To Speech option offers the best of both worlds – a high-quality reading camera and Text To Speech function in one single product, resulting in increased reading speed, reading durability and a more relaxed reading experience.

  • Reads a full A4/US Letter page
  • Different reading modes: page, line, word, picture
  • Possible to open/save text on a USB
  • Reads misaligned documents
  • Automatic language detection
  • Adjustable size, color and font
  • Listen to the text through built-in speakers or plug in headphones
  • TTS languages include US English, French, Flemish, Danish, Dutch, Australian English, Italian, German, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Mexican Spanish.


Split option

The Split option is a flexible solution that offers computer connectivity and hardware split. It enables switching and splitting between a reading camera, distance camera and computer (PC/Mac/Chromebook). The system is ergonomic and suitable for use at school or at work.

  • Split the screen image between the computer (PC/Mac/Chromebook) and the reading/distance camera
  • Choose between hardware split or software split
  • Unique Optical Center Focus – the object in focus will never be cropped
  • All functions in one user-friendly control box
  • The entire desktop workspace is available even in split mode
  • Several types of fittings for both the distance camera and the monitor


Vendor: LVI

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