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Note this is an upgrade license to Mind Express 5 for those who previously purchased Mind Express 4. 

The new Mind Express 5 combines the power of Mind Express 4 with an interface that puts user experience first.  Whether you are a new or an experienced user, Mind Express 5 can be set up and ready to use within minutes with:

  • Ready-made page sets and templates
  • Simple user portal with easily accessible essentials
  • Improved customization (remote editing available)
  • Online library of resources
  • And more

With more than 20 years of experience supporting people with cerebral palsy, autism (ASD), Down’s syndrome, aphasia, and more, Mind Express has become an essential support in the daily lives of thousands of users worldwide.



Communication support

  • Start using Mind Express right away with a library of ready-made page sets
  • Page sets come with accurate word, sentence and symbol prediction for faster communication
  • Turn on auditory feedback for those that need reading and writing support


Enhanced independence with Mind Express

  • Use Mind Express to control your computer for work, school and entertainment such as listening to music and watching movies
  • Stay connected via emails, text messages, call, and social media 
  • Use Mind Express to switch lights on/off, open doors, change channels on TV, and more


Alternative access devices

Access Mind Express with a touch screen, one or two switches, a mouse or alternative pointing device such as joysticks and trackballs, head tracking and eye gaze.

Quickly switch between the different access methods right from the menu, and adjust access settings such as touch sensitivity, eye gaze tracking, dwell times

Mind Express is currently compatible with the following cameras:

  • TM5 mini (EyeTech Digital Systems)
  • PCEye Mini (Tobii)
  • CAM30NT (Alea Technologies)
  • Eyegaze Edge (LC Technologies)
  • Irisbond Duo (Irisbond)

Develop the motor/cognitive abilities to activate first a single switch, and then 2 switches with a collection of activities from Steps before Step Scanning.


Tools in education and therapy

  • Stimulate language development with extensive vocabulary page sets, such as SCORE. 
  • Visit the Mind Express website for games and activities that help build skills in math, reading, writing, and more
  • For therapists and consultants managing a group of multiple users, Mind Express 5 gives the option to remotely edit user’s page sets without the need to be physically present with them


Learn more about Mind Express.



Try Mind Express 5 for free for 60 days.

Click here to download the demo.

Essayez Mind Express 5 pour 60 jours!

Cliquez ici pour installer la démo.


System requirements:
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Memory: minimum 2GB RAM and minimum 4GB hard disk space
  • Included with Mind Express 5: SymbolStix, Bliss symbol sets, and Multi-lingual Nuance Vocalizer voice synthesis
Sku: 77MEAATOV52461
Vendor: Jabbla

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