ECT Course Coming to Ontario

Environmental Communication Teaching Training Coming to Canada The focus of Environmental Communication Teaching (ECT) training is functional communication in natural environments. These sessions are taught by renown AT consultant and instructor Kelly Fonner. For this series of training we are focusing on the use of AAC strategies and tools in the school environment. The full ECT training is a 5 day intensive, school year process. The training dates occur across the school year. Participants are expected to attend as teams that choose two students to apply the ECT strategies with during school activities between the trainings. The research findings recommend that the primary team consist of an AAC user's teacher, SLP and teaching assistant. All other staff for the chosen students are welcome including family members. This course starts November 23rd in Winnipeg and November 24th in Mississauga. For more information visit the Bridges Professional Development page.

This blog is about assistive and educational technology in general and Bridges activities in Ontario, specifically. It’s by Bogdan Pospielovsky. My background is teaching but I’ve been training consulting and proselytizing about the power and possibility of technology to assist and enhance education, communication and daily life for just over a decade. If you would like a consult or an informational in service for your team you can see where I'll be under the Where Am I, Where Am I Going tab. If you want more detailed info about the blog and me follow the About TAB above.

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