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Bridges is a team of passionate professionals drawing from direct experience within the augmentative communication and school systems, to create effective assistive technology (AT) solutions with the best tools and practices from around the world. Bridges sells, implements and supports assistive technology and professional learning services across Canada in both English and French. With its head office in Mississauga, Bridges also has offices in Winnipeg and Calgary.

The Bridges team is nationally and internationally known as having extensive knowledge of Assistive Technology products, for being a resource to educators and professionals and for delivering high quality professional learning. While our primary customers are educational institutions across Canada, we also work with rehabilitation centres, hospitals, adult agencies, parents and families of individuals with special needs and advocacy organizations.


Bridges believes that with the right technology, strategies and resources, creative teams of professionals can build the best ways to support learning and communication. Because everyone can learn and communicate, regardless of abilities, challenges or age, we believe this work is important and benefits everyone.

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Head Office
6523A Mississauga Rd.,
Mississauga, ON L5N 1A6
Fax: 905-542-7242
Contact: info@bridges-canada.com
Sales - Quebec
Cell: 514-247-3406
Tel.: 1-800-353-1107 x2189
Fax: 905 542-7242
Contact: Magalie Beauchamp


Sales Office – Calgary, AB
83 Chelsea St. N.W.
Calgary, AB T2K 1P1
Fax: 403-282-6422
Contact: Claire MacLaren