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2 new Products for February Symbols Month

2 new Products for February Symbols Month

This month, Bridges will be focusing on all things symbols; the importance of symbols in accessible communication, some real-life examples of symbol supports in action, symbolizing pro tips, and free symbolized resources! But first two exciting symbol-related product announcements to kick the month off!

1)  Canadian, Bilingual InPrint 3 is HERE

With InPrint 3 you can create a wide variety of symbol resources in minutes, straight from your desktop, with InPrint 3 - the brand new symbolized resource creation software from Widgit. A 50,000+ word symbol vocabulary of carefully designed, science, social studies and Canadian symbols make InPrint an essential tool for accessible and bilingual materials for school, home, business or community. With easy access to French symbols, InPrint 3’s 140 easy to use templates makes it an ideal tool for creating engaging core French and French immersion curricular materials in minutes including: worksheets, signage, vocabulary materials, graphic organizers and more.

For supporting studetns with specials needs, InPrint 3 has the flexibility, features and a modern interface. Customize and print, communication boards, visual schedules and scripts, behavioural rules, bingo cards and more in English and French.

Learn more here

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2)  Widgit Writer 

Widgit Writer is a simple, easy to use app that lets you create symbol-supported documents on your iPad. Simply type and the symbols appear above the words. You can also read documents out loud with the iPads speech voice.

Back up your documents and view them as PDF's in Widgit Online:

  • Print, email or PDF your documents at the touch of a button
  • Hear your document spoken out loud
  • Personalise your documents by importing photos from the iPad or using the camera to take a photo
  • Upload and download your documents from your Widgit Online account
  • Use Widgit’s smart symbolisation when connected to the internet
  • Easily change symbol text


Widgit Writer - Symbolizing on an iPad


Learn more about Widgit Online here

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Integrates with your Widgit Online account

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Access Bridges’ Support Team with the Click of a Button Using our New Chat Feature!

Access Bridges’ Support Team with the Click of a Button Using our New Chat Feature!

We’ve just launched our brand new Chat app on our website! This means that, no matter where you’re browsing on, you can click the Chat button to access a Bridges’ staff member with a question. Tech support issues, request a written quote, can't find what you're looking for, ask for product advice before you buy, or give us advice... chat with us about anything. Plus, Chat is available in both English and French!

You can find Bridges’ Chat at the bottom of your screen, available between 9am – 5pm EST (our business hours).


Bridges new chat feature, contact us on our website through chat


The Chat window will follow you across the website, from page to page, so that you can conveniently ask questions as soon as you come across them.

If you’re waiting for a Chat response, or are in the middle of a Chat, and have to close the window, no worries! Your chat history will be stored and available to you when you return to our website.

Happy Chatting!


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Will Spring Come Early, or is Winter Here to Stay? It's Groundhog Day!

Will Spring Come Early, or is Winter Here to Stay? It's Groundhog Day!

By the time February rolls around, it feels like spring just can't come soon enough (unless you're a ski addict like some folks at the Bridges office). But for everyone longing for winter to be done already, today's a big day! It's Groundhog Day! According to folklore, if the groundhog emerges today and sees his shadow, spring will come early. But if the groundhog notices his shadow, we still have over a month of winter weather. 

To mark the occasion, we've drafted up some free symbolized resources for your classroom all in Widgit Online.

Download our Groundhog Day article, our Groundhog Day Haiku, or our word search.

Are you making Groundhog Day poems or stories in your classroom? Let us know! Send in photos or electronic copies of your students' groundhog day poems and we'll feature them on our website. 


Groundhog Day Symbolized Article


Download the Symbolized Groundhog Day Article


Groundhog Day Symbolized Haiku


Download the Symbolized Groundhog Day Haiku


Goundhog Day Word Search made in Widgit Online


Download the Groundhog Day Word Search 

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GONE FISHING (or skiing) - Bridges Holiday Closure

GONE FISHING (or skiing) - Bridges Holiday Closure

First off, we'd like to start this post by saying a big Thank You to all of our customers, partners, colleagues, and friends. We've had another successful year providing assistive technology solutions, instruction, and support, and none of it would have been possible without you! 

We'd also like to let you know that we'll be closing our offices across Canada for the Christmas break. We will be closed from 4pm EST on Thursday, December 22nd, and reopening Monday, January 2.

Due to the Holiday closure, we will not be available to process orders, and our checkout system for our online store will been temporarily shut down. Web checkout will open again on Monday, January 3rd.

Although you won't be able to make purchases while we're away, you'll still be able to browse our store and read up on AT across our resource pages, collections, and blog posts, even checkout some of our free recorded webinars - so feel free to browse! 

We hope you have a safe and wonderful Holiday and a joyous New Year. We look forward to partnering with you again in 2017. 



The Bridges Team

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