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Parents have always been a critical part of the education of children. But the pandemic has intensified
the need at home, from after school tutoring and homework help to instruction through the work day,  transforming living rooms into classrooms.

If your child needs additional supports for identified learning challenges - reading, writing, vision,
communication, physical, etc. – you’ve had to pivot to assistive technology expert, too.

Bridges can help.

With our remote, web based training we:

Train your child on specific technology within a context of effective learning strategies. It’s not just about learning how to use the tech -- but using the tech to learn.

Train parents and caregivers on how to support their child with the tech and how teach with tech too.

Create a plan for your complex needs child with your available resources to keep them learning while at home.

We can work with a school district, be engaged directly by a family or work with a group or “pod” of parents creating a team to share supports with multiple students. 

Many of Bridges’ experienced instructors are parents of children with needs too.

We get it. We listen. We’ll craft a solution that makes sense for you.


While many students are taking their specialized assistive technology home, teachers struggle with how to teach students with needs remotely.

With years of experience training in the furthest corners across Canada, in both English and French, Bridges has well-honed expertise for effective remote professional development of educators.

From specialized curriculum for students with complex needs to reading/writing software for struggling students

From EyeLearn, eye gaze technology, to connecting switches to cloud based early learning software

From Reading Pens to braille printers and digital magnifiers and other assistive technology hardware

Synchronous, asynchronous instruction or a combination. Plus we have libraries of videos in online portals, even readymade courses for popular apps -- Clicker, Boardmaker Studio, TextHelp and more.

Teacher teaching remotely from home

Bridges is a conduit and catalyst for innovation in alternative access and AAC innovation to Canadian professionals and caregivers.

Connect with us for remote professional development and training for clinicians and parents on specialized AAC software and hardware:

Orienting yourself in the latest features in an upgrade

Customizing and building functionality for home, school or work

Setting-up communication apps and hardware on computers or iPads to turn them into effective augmentative communication technology. These services are being delivered right now to several organizations across the country including AADL (Alberta Aids for Daily Living)

Accessing our online portals with exclusive content - videos and more -- for parents, caregivers and clinicians

Trainers Talking to Teachers at an events

Professional Learning

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