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The Dash and Dot inclusive coding curriculum
for all students.

Debugd’s explicit instruction, differentiated strategies, adapted electronic and
ready-to-print materials deliver meaningful participation in classroom coding regardless of challenges:

  • Communication
  • Physical disability
  • Literacy
  • New to English
  • Visual perceptual challenges
  • Cognitive challenges

Each Debug'd lesson creates connections with real world life skills like communication, team work, sequencing, problem solving, math. With Debug'd, students aren’t just learning to code with Dash and Dot, they’re coding to learn.

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Date: March 11th, 2021
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Presenters: Susie Blackstien-Adler, Leanne Husk, Christy McDonald
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Debug'd Dot and Dash Curriculum


Debug'd Dash & Dot includes:

Collection of 14 lessons

  • With instructional scripts
  • Step-by-step and scaffolded instructions
  • Engaging culminating activities
  • Student practice and application activities in print and digital formats

Digital materials:

  • Activities for Clicker 7 & 8 to support lessons


  • 4 sets of Blockly Blocks per kit – 2 sets with and 2 sets without symbols
  • Blockly Block Parameters and Events Reference Cards
  • 4 Symbol-supported Student Reference Resources
  • Communication Boards
  • Student Feedback Templates

4 sets of red and yellow bracelets

Digital materials to guide instruction for each lesson,

  • available in PPT, Google Slides and Smart Notebook formats


  • 33 Symbol-supported vocabulary and category cards
  • 13 Visual Schedule Cards 
  • AAC supports for GoTalks and other layouts
  • 9 Sequencing Sets (3, 4, and 5 steps)
  • Class posters
  • Adult and student tip sheets
  • Social story template

Why is coding important for all students

  • reinforces and generalizes literacy and math skills
  • increases communication and collaboration skills
  • fosters resilience and problem solving strategies by rewarding persistence
  • develops metacognitive skill required to give instructions to another person
  • confidence building in the use of technology
  • generates a feeling of accomplishment
  • creates a sense of belonging in the learning community
  • makes connections to other curriculum areas

Debug'd was created by a collaborative partnership with Bridges Canada and the Inclusive Design Research Centre of OCAD University; made possible by a grant from the Innovation, Science and Economic Development department of the Federal Government of Canada.

Debugd is a product of the Coding to Learn and Create project.  For more information about the project and additional resources visit

Debug'd Dot and Dash Curriculum