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Interactive, Accessible Sensory Lighting for Therapy and Learning 

Immersive interactive lighting devices for sensory rooms with unprecedented control and accessibility:

Eye Gaze
...and more! 

The Luminea app and unmatched support makes Luminea the easiest and most versatile therapeutic sensory solution. 

Luminea Corners

Finally -- plug'n play accessible, interactive, sensory lighting

Virtually, plug-and-play, Luminea Corners ship complete with a tablet pre-loaded with the easy-to-use Luminea app.

And they're ready for a variety of alternative access method, from switch to eye gaze.

Scalable, start by adding a Luminea Corner  to your existing sensory space. Then easily integrate additional Luminea elements over time. You don't even need WiFi access!

DISCOVER Luminea Corners

 Luminea Sensory Lighting Elements

High quality durable purpose built LED lamps, bubble tubes, fiber-optic and ultra-violet light elements.

All are out-of-the-box ready to add to your existing sensory space or begin a new room. 

With scalable Luminea, it is easy to start and build a sensory environment over-time for: 

Choice making
Sensory stimulation
Anxiety control and calming
Postural control
Turn taking

...and so much more

images of alternative access switch joystick, tablet, button 6, eye gaze, eye learn, candy corn switch

Infinite Access For Rich Interaction

Use a variety of alternative access tools:

  • switches
  • joysticks 
  • trackballs 
  • head mice 
  • even eye gaze

Luminea turns passive sensory stimulation into a therapeutic interactive learning environment.

Created by BJLive, the leading manufacturer of mouse alternatives for the disabled, Luminea has accessibility in their DNA.

So that users can not only activate sensory stimulation but interact, play sensory games, work through therapeutic activities, even choose and customize their environment all with the access tools they already use

Luminea APP: Sensory activities for therapy and learning  

The easy-to-use Luminea app comes pre-installed on the SHX Luminea Tablet with multiple games and activities, to customize or create your own.

  • Add video and pictures as button prompts for unmatched engagement: e.g. touch a red object in the app to turn the LED lights red.
  • Trigger light, vibration with video and sound – a symphony for the senses – to calm, focus or stimulate.
  • Easily create powerfully immersive multi-sensory causal learning and therapeutic games. 

The Luminea app is so thoughtfully designed and accessible that activities can not only be controlled and triggered by users but can even be customized by them.

See the Luminea App on the Google play store to learn more.