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AT Implementation Services for Organizations, School Districts, Post-secondary Institutions

One source, for all hardware, software and training means.
One point of contact for complete reliable service.

With a 25 year track record, we have an unmatched reputation within the assistive technology industry. So Bridges stocks the most up-to-date solutions available, for timely delivery backed by the best possible service.


We can take responsibility for the entire technology package:

  • Check all the technology before shipping
  • Wrangle backorders -- no need to chase after different suppliers
  • Manage any order changes
  • Capture all hardware, serial numbers, version numbers, client info, etc. for easy upgrading and servicing

Organizational Benefits

In addition we can label all product for your specific needs, ensuring easy identification and tracking, preventing AWOL item


Claim based information in the cloud for easy reference. Customizable to the needs of the board.

Bridges has a proven full-time team with the capacity and expertise to support all the technology in an assistive technology solution over its entire life.

  • Dedicated customer support; check order status, account management, accounts payable etc.
  • Dedicated trained tech support including installation, repair and on-call support.
  • Support process customizable to the school board’s needs and preferences. Notifications, tracking, follow-up etc.
  • Professional quality training services for student and SEA support teams.