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Chromebooks and complex needs -- Support students with physical, cognitive or vision challenges in a Chromebook ecosystem

December 14th, 1pm-2pm EST

Chromebooks are probably not the first choice platform for students with any combination of visual impairments, physical or cognitive challenges. But there are tools and options out there. This presentation will review hardware and apps for alternative access and learning activities for users in a Google-based environment. 


  • ChooseIT Maker 3 including NEW Readymades, 
  • Alternatives to mice for Chromebooks such as joysticks, touch, etc.
  • MagniLink ChromeViewer for the MagniLink S video magnifier,
  • Reading and writing for HelpKidzLearn,
  • Switch interfaces for Chromebooks, 
  • Magnification and screen reading options.

Phones, Tablets and Smart Pens: Academic Literacy Support on the Go!

Reading is everywhere and today’s students are as likely to reach for their phone as they are their laptop as their first choice for academic literacy support. This presentation focuses on portable, mobile apps and hardware for reading that make studying and research practical in the library, coffee shop, corridor, dorm room, anywhere.


  • Kurzweil 3000 subscription
  • NEW KNFB Reader app
  • Co:Writer universal
  • Scanning/Reading Pens
  • Snap&Read Universal

DJI Coalition: Redefining Literacy Support in the Google Multi-verse

December 12th, 3pm-3:45pm EST

Wordbank and COW for vocabulary support to writing:

  • NEW Word Bank with fact summary and timeline; 
  • NEW Neuron word prediction; 
  • NEW realtime translation; 

Plus voice recognition, instant and automatic topic vocabulary, FlexSpell, multi-lingual support across all platforms even when the internet is down. 

See how DJI redefines writing for all learners anywhere on all platforms with multi-level smart support for students of all abilities. We’ll walk through the groundbreaking tools as a struggling readers or writers use them from research to production from middle school to graduation. 

DJI Coalition free webinar from Bridges Canada. Learn about Don Johnston's smart tools help redefine reading and writing for students of all abilities

Snap&Read Reading to Learn for the 21st Century

December 18th, 1pm-1:45pm EST

Snap&Read does more than read out loud, text and pdf’s across platforms including Chromebooks because there is a lot more to effective reading to learn. 

This 30 minute webinar demonstrates SnR’s study, outline, annotation and new dictionary tools to create a whole new level of comprehension. 

With Snap&Read students can take in information in whichever way they learn best and can synthesize on the go, on any platform including their phone, for effective production of written work and mastering curricular concepts.

DJI Coalition free webinar from Bridges Canada. Learn about Don Johnston's smart tools help redefine reading and writing for students of all abilities

Math Instruction for Complex Needs: Evidence-Based Curriculum, Strategies and Accessible Tools

December 5th, 3pm-4pm EST

Every student needs and deserves comprehensive math instruction. And research shows that math learning is possible regardless of how complex a students learning needs are. 

 Join us to discover how ALL learners can actively participate in a comprehensive math program from pre-K to grade 12. 

We will explore: 

  •  The comprehensive, systematic math resources for students with complex learning need, Equals Math Curriculum and Equals Pre-K . 
  •  Attainment’s Explore Math Resources, that support high school students to understand and apply math in real-life situations. 
  •  New Bridges Math Kits, that combine simple AT tools with innovative instructional resources, for engaged and accessible math participation and learning.

Reflex Math: Building a Strong Foundation with Math Fact Fluency

Students who can automatically recall math facts are more capable problem solvers, learn new math skills more quickly, and are more likely to succeed in future math courses. Unfortunately, many students still spend too much time and brainpower on fundamental facts. Find out how to help students build a strong numeracy proficiency and how to receive a Reflex Math grant for your class for an entire year. 

Gizmos: Enhancing the STEM curriculum with virtual simulations

Science and Math educators dream of classrooms where teachers encourage scientific inquiry and exploration, letting students draw their own conclusions rather than guiding them to an answer. Classrooms where teachers are facilitators that foster independent and creative thinking and exploration. In this complimentary webinar you will discover how STEM educator mindsets can impact the adoption of more open and authentic forms of inquiry in classroom instruction and how STEM leaders’ feedback can support a growth mindset and develop true, concrete understanding of Math and Science.

Literacy Instruction for Older Students with Complex Needs -- It’s never too late!

December 6th, 3pm-4pm EST

December 11th, 3pm-4pm EST

Don’t give up on literacy instruction for Middle to high school students with complex instructional needs. Engaging, comprehensive and age-appropriate literacy resources and materials are here! Tune into this webinar to learn about two exciting resources specially created to support your students -- Readtopia and First Author Writing Curriculum.

Readtopia™ is a comprehensive reading curriculum for middle and high school students with autism and other complex needs. It brings first-hand experiential learning into the classroom—teaching students social studies, English Language Arts, and science content.

First Author™ is a writing curriculum designed to provide explicit daily instruction in writing, and speaking and listening that is grounded in early writing development. Learn about the components of each program, what makes them unique and so effective for older learners and how you can learn more!

Eyegaze with EyeLearn: Breakthrough with your hardest to reach students

December 11th, 1pm-2pm EST

December 13th, 3pm-4pm EST

With some of our students with profound physical and communication challenges, we just don’t know what they are capable of.

But breakthrough technology that captures the eye’s ability to communicate, the most direct form of communication available, is revolutionizing what’s possible with these students. We’ll review the software and hardware in an effective eye gaze set-up for students with special needs.

We’ll share inspiring stories of students who were now able to participate in classroom learning because of this new communication and access technology.

Past webinars

Widgit Software

Symbols help communicate ideas and information.

Symbolize IT with Widgit Symbols – Everywhere: Widgit online, Symwriter 2, Communicate: In Print, Clicker 6, Kurzweil 3000

Communicating with AAC users, engaging visual learners, clarifying comprehension for English Language Learners – experience all the potential of Widgit symbols to enhance learning in so many different ways. Widgit symbols are unique, not just in their richness – an over 40,000 word vocabulary – but their systemic design to support learning and focus on curricular vocabulary. Plus they’re Canadianized with English and French both available.

In this presentation you’ll:

  • Discover the new Widgit Online – for creating and sharing symbol supported materials, visual schedules, grids, flash cards –in the cloud, printed, shared to your iPad or anywhere else. In English or French.
  • Compare the SymWriter Symbol supported word processor with Communicate: InPrint, the symbol based desktop layout software.
  • See how Widgit symbols can support learners in other popular software like Clicker 6 and Kurzweil 3000.

Learn more about symbolizing with Widgit Symbols HERE

Kurzweil 3000 V15 -- Chrome App, Extension and Writing Tools 

At this summer’s users forum, an AT specialist from a Canadian university stood-up and thanked the development team because “we asked and you delivered.” 

  • New mobile friendly interface, so students can read even on their phones. 
  •  New user interface. 
  • Chrome firefly App and Read-the-Web Extension and writing tools in firefly deliver K3000 supports on virtually all computer platforms including Chromebooks. 
  • Full offline access for K3000 Mac or Windows desktop, for hours or days.  

Lean more about Kurzweil 3000 HERE

Co:Writer Universal - Unparalleled Writing Tool on iPads, Chromebooks, PC's, Everywhere You Write.

Co:Writer’s flexible spelling, webscraping automated topic dictionaries and grammar supports delivers unparalleled writing and spelling support. New Co:Writer Universal means students have anywhere, anytime access on almost any computer platform: iPad,iPhone,Chromebook,or Windows/Mac laptops or desktop computers — all for one price.

For some students there are barriers between the idea and writing it out: grammar, spelling, word recall. Co:Writer breaks down the barriers to express the idea.

In this webinar, learn how Co:Writer Universal delivers writing supports without technology barriers for virtually universal access.

Learn more about Co:Writer Universal HERE

Affordable assistive technology for ESL: Snap&Read Universal, Widgit Online

Electronic reading software and software that easily creates visuals are proven effective supports for ESL classrooms and ELL’s. Unfortunately, cost and lack of tech support have kept these tools out of the hands of ELL’s and their teachers, particularly outside the K-12 education system.

But two new affordable, easy to implement cloud based tools are changing all that – Snap&Read Universal and Widgit Online.

Snap&Read Universal embeds simplified English and/or second language translation right in the original text and reads in 90+ languages. Widgit Online creates and shares engaging and effective visual materials. Breakthrough features make Widgit Online ideal for Level 1 and 2 learners and Snap&Read for Level 3-5.

We'll demo how these unique, low cost cloud apps can make a big difference as a teaching and an independent learning tool.

Learn more about Snap&Read Universal HERE

Learn more about Widgit Online HERE

Kurzweil free webinar, literacy, dyslexia

Kurzweil 3000: Reading and Writing for Different Classroom Formats

As many Canadian teachers are discovering, the tools that come with a Kurzweil 3000 web license are an investment in literacy achievement for all their students.

Join us to learn how to apply the latest features in K3000, firefly and the Universal Library support reading and writing across the curriculum, from primary to secondary, for whole classroom to students with a variety of learning challenges. In this session teachers will see how they can use the tools that come with a K3000 web license to:

  • Develop active reading strategies
  • Use built-in Widgit symbols for visual learners
  • Support writing throughout the writing process
  • Implement a model of gradual release progressing through whole class to small group and individual instruction with the Universal library

Led by Susie Blackstein-Adler, this session is ideal for teachers who want to learn how to apply K3000 tools that are now available in their classroom because of a web license, or for educators who want to learn how a K3000 web license could be put to work in their district.

Learn more about Kurzweil 3000 HERE.