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Games & Activities

HelpKidzLearn is a comprehensive cloud-based library of over 300 accessible game-based learning activities designed to cater to the diverse needs of children with special educational needs and learning difficulties at a pre-literacy or early literacy level.

These engaging and motivational activities are thoughtfully categorized by learning objectives, providing a structured progression of skills for young learners.

This subscription platform is not only well-suited for children with special needs but also extends its benefits to early years users, making it a valuable resource for a wide age range. HelpKidzLearn is compatible with Chromebooks, Windows, and Mac PCs, ensuring easy access across various devices.

HelpKidzLearn is accessible with a mouse, keyboard, switches, touchscreen, eye gaze, and other devices, making it an inclusive and adaptive learning environment for every child. 

HelpKidzLearn is designed to foster development in the areas of:

Early concepts


Cause and effect



Switch timing

Mouse and touch screen use

Switch use

Problem solving

Telling time

Learning Objectives

Games & Activities are organised into meaningful learning objectives, beginning at a cause & effect level and early interaction, through the range of skills required to be able to make independent choices.


Learning objectives are split into key milestones, representing targets in a series of small, achievable steps that you can set and teach a progression of skills.

Accessible Activities

Games & Activities can be accessed by a wide variety of access methods including mouse and keyboard, touch screens and interactive classroom displays, one or two switches and eye gaze technology.

Motivating & Engaging

Games & Activities are language independent and are designed to include captivating animations, simple clear graphics, music and sound effects which will engage your learners and make learning ‘fun’.

Graphics are presented in high-contrast colours and many activities are set against a black background. Auditory cues and attention prompts are also used to help learners with a visual impairment and perceptual difficulties enjoy the experience too. 

Recording & Assessment

Games & Activities provide the tools to help assess a learner’s baseline, set achievable learning milestones and provide all the help you need to teach important skills in a way which is both meaningful and motivating.

With this information, you can plan routes to success for learners using their device to access learning, leisure and communication.

Associated Resources

A preview for each play-based Game displays resources mapped to the applicable key milestones, enabling you to quickly find associated activities that engage and motivate your learners more easily.

Access Anywhere

Games & Activities can be accessed securely online via Windows and Mac PC, or Chromebook. Alternatively, learners can play all touch accessible Games & Activities directly on an iPad using supported browsers.

Learning Progression and Outcomes Guidebook 

Download this FREE document to help you assess your learner’s baseline, set achievable learning milestones, and provide you with all the help you need to teach these important skills in a way which is both meaningful and motivating for your students.

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