NE W V6 of Co:Writer, Write Outloud, Draft:Builder, Read:Outloud are Here!

Don Johnston's new version of Solo literacy suite and updates to all the individual elements is now shipping. I’ve been test driving the individual pieces and the software as a whole and it’s very impressive.  (There are some great concise presentations available on the DJ website The software is solid, easy to use, easy to get with now an optional login screen and a simple setup for networks and some well thought out new reading and writing features. And yes a Canadian version is coming soon!  British spelling but North American voices, syntax and vocabulary. All the different elements of Solo  have had some modifications but Co:Writer and Read:Outloud have had the biggest changes.  Here some features and changes that is common to all the individual elements of the Solo litereacy suite:  Co:Writer, Write:Outloud, Draft:Builder and Read:Outloud. The sign in process: you don’t need to sign in anymore.  You can just click on Draft:Builder or Co:Writer or any of the other tools and just starting using it.  You can also sign in through student/teacher central for assignment; the best of both worlds. Acapella speech standard.  A very popular speech engine, considered by many as their favourite.  But all the programs will also work with all SAPI Voices on your computer. Network ready.  The individual programs are all network ready, simply.  Student preferences, topic dictionaries, student writer files are available across the network – you don’t even need a separate version. But like I said there are even more exciting changes in Co:Writer and Read:Outloud specifically.  I’m still recovering from a bewildering 36 hours in Schaumburg, Illinois for ATIA (Assistive Technology industry Association) conference.  I’ll get some stuff up about that later in the week.

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