New Bilingual Canadian Symwriter

Exclusive to Bridges, Communicate:Symwriter, the symbol supported talking word processor is now available in a dual French/English Canadian version. The new Symwriter, symbolizes in English or French. Switch the language and voila, you switch voices, spell checker and symbolization to your choice of French or English. [caption id="attachment_173" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Canadian Symwriter spellchecking "colour.""]Canadian Symwriter spellchecking "colour."[/caption] It makes it easy to symbol support all your second language learners. Simply type your sentences and SymWriter will convert your text into symbols. SymWriter uses natural language processing to present the best symbol match based on parts of speech and the sentence structure. Comes With • Over 10,000 symbols • Never pay for more symbols again - free Inter net symbol updates • English and French voices • Canadian dictionary Upgrade pricing for Writing with Symbols users available. Whole school licenses available for less than $50/user. For more details check out the  brochure. Canadian Communicate:SymWriter Flyer

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