New firefly App for iPad from Kurzweil

Kurzweil Educational Systems (KES) just announced the release of the Kurzweil 3000®firefly app for the iPad. firefly app logofirefly is a streamlined version of Kurzweil 3000, the reading/writing software for kids to adults with literacy challenges, that  runs entirely off the web. You can learn more about firefly and its app on our K3000 web page. firefly is light on features compared to its PC and Mac siblings but that’s intentional.  firefly delivers text to speech, highlighting, dictionary and other supports without overwhelming with the features that K3000 is known for. The student who needs the full on customizing that k3000 can do, would probably have her own laptop with all the power that can deliver. But if you struggle with science vocab, or English is not your first language so novel study leaves you gasping for air, or your waiting funding to come through for that laptop with K3000 – firefly can deliver immediate support at school, at home or an Internet café. And now with the new free app, firefly can run on the iPad, too.screen shot ff app The firefly app is available as a timed trial from the iTunes App Store, just search the education category for “firefly Kurzweil.” Currently, if you run a web-network license subscription to Kurzweil 3000, you get access to firefly for free.  And now, with that same login you can get unlimited access to the firefly iPad app.  Just use the same username and password and you’re in. If you’re a regular Kurzweil user, you’ll might not find the tool or function you’re used to in there quite yet.  But with the web version of firefly KES has added lots of functions since its release back at the start of this year.  We expect the same to happen with the iPad app version of firefly. Let us know what you think of the interface, the reading and anything else you like or don’t like - we’ll pass it on.  As the Canadian K3000 experts, we do get their ear.

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