Co: Writer 7 and Co:Writer iPad App now here!

Co:Writer has a 20-year history of helping students write even after nothing else worked.    Now, for 2013 Co:Writer is even better with the new iPad App and Co:Writer 7. cwa_devicesThe Co:Writer iPad App uses the same word prediction engine as Co:Writer desktop with many of the most important features students rely on like FlexSpell and Topic Dictionaries. Some of Co:Writer 7 new features include: Over 4 million Instant Topic Dictionaries through unique “web scraping” technology.  No searching, pasting, saving – just get writing on practically anything from “Canadian Confederation” to “Wonders of the World,” in seconds. Testing Accommodation Supports:  Quickly restrict features (predict ahead, grammar, Topic Dictionaries, etc.) during the big test. Data Reporting  that tracks time spent writing and vocabulary usage of individual students and groups. USB Flash Drive Support  On-screen Keyboards built into your Mac and Windows operating systems Read the DJ article “Word Prediction—What’s Good Enough?“ to learn the difference between Co:Writer and other word prediction programs.

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