Grid 3 Now Available in Canada!

Grid 3 Now Available in Canada!

Bridges is thrilled to announce that the most advanced AAC and alternative access software out there, the Grid 3, is now available in Canada.

Breakthrough features and a simply elegant user interface give the Grid 3 unmatched ease-of-editing for the support team, with powerful access and communication tools for all communicators.  Including:

  • Remote, instantaneous editing for an entire support team.
  • Communication beyond voice with easy set-up email, texting, social networking and word processing/writing windows. Including symbolized emails.
  • Learning Grids ready for young communicators building skills in speech, text, and access.
  • Accessible apps for browsing the web, playing music, movies and more.
  • Computer Control with integration and optimization with the latest eye gaze systems, Windows OS versions, and other access tools.
  • Built-in environmental control with intuitive set-up.

If you currently support or use the Grid 2 yourself, keep reading for important information about implementation and upgrades.


How do I learn more about the Grid 3?

Bridges Grid Page has lots of info, videos and links to the Grid 3’s 60 day demo.  

Visit the manufacturer’s, Smartbox, info page. 

For extra help check out the free learning resources Bridges will be hosting launch and training events for clinicians across Canada.  Contact Bridges for the event nearest you or if your organization would like to host a Grid 3 event.


To upgrade from Grid 2 to Grid 3, the price is only $240. If you buy Grid 2 tomorrow instead of Grid 3, but later on you decide to purchase the Grid 3, you will still be able to upgrade.

Contact Bridges to process an upgrade.

Grid 3 – what do I get?

Grid 3, comes with the unlock code to activate the software and all the info/training cards that people loved in the Grid 2.

The actual software is downloaded from the net and is the same as the free 60 day demo.  This means, you don’t need a CD/DVD drive to install it; most Windows based tablets or communication devices don’t come with one anymore.  And if you've already started using and playing with the Grid 3, via the demo, you can just continue-on seamlessly.

But if you prefer to get a disk, just let us know and we'll be happy to send one along with your order.

Can I still use the Grid 2?

The Grid 3 has added many new robust features and changed the authoring interface.  Recognizing that some users may be completely happy with using what they already know and love in the Grid 2, the older version will remain available for purchase. Smartbox will not force you to upgrade to the Grid 3.  The Grid 2 is not going away and is still available at a lower price than the Grid 3.

For Grid Pad owners

If you have a Grid Pad, you can upgrade to Grid 3 free of charge.  Contact our office for details.  But note that Grid 3 French is not yet available.  If you need French, it is best to hang on to Grid 2 for the time being.

If you’ve got Grid 3 UK version

If you have installed Grid 3 UK already and now want to change to Grid 3 Canadian, you can find detailed instructions here.

Grid 3 Canadian is currently English only

A bilingual version of the Grid 3 is not yet available.  This is beyond the control of Bridges; we aren’t doing the translation of the Grid 3. However, Grid 2 Canadian is fully bilingual and still available, and you can upgrade to Grid 3 when the French version is ready (see upgrading above). If you decide to purchase Grid 3 today, you will able to add the French functionality and voices when they become available as a free update.

Who is Smartbox?

Smartbox is the manufacturer of the Grid 3.  They used to be called Sensory Software.  Their distribution/local AAC support company in the UK was called Smartbox.  About a year ago they decided to go with the name and branding of “Smartbox” for everything they do.  But it’s the same people behind it including the Hawes family (Paul, Alyson and two sons Dougal and Barney) and the entire great team.

Is my device compatible with Grid 3?

Grid 3 has been designed to run on Grid Pad communication aids but will also run on a variety of other Windows machines.  Here are the minimum requirements:
Component Requirement
Processor 1.33GHz or faster
Memory 2GB RAM
Hard disk 3GB
Operating system Windows 7, 8 or 10

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